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Customer focus

A company’s philosophy of putting the needs of the customer above …

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empowerment management


Remember this term: EmpowermentIf you ask several people the question about …

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Maslow’s need pyramid

Background – Abraham Maslow Abraham Harold Maslow (1908-1970) was an American …

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Conflict management: successfully preventing and managing conflicts

Wherever people work together, conflicts are inevitable. However, if these persist …

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What is case management?

Case management is a set of tasks involved in working with …

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Team leadership: How do I lead a team optimally?

Everyone thinks differently. What motivates one employee tends to pull the …

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The 10 most important tips for the success of your presentation

Have you ever been bored to death at a presentation? We …

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Self-awareness: Why is it so important for people to question themselves critically?

Having a clear picture of yourself pays off when facing challenges …

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Internal communication in companies – communicating appropriately in everyday management life

Communication is one of the most important requirements for managers. With …

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The 8 most important topics of innovative personnel management training

Anyone aspiring to a management career today should prepare well for …

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Blended Learning – what is that actually?

Blended learning combines the best of two learning worlds – it …

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Swiss companies are fighting for talent: 3 benefits that will help you retain them

If the labour market grows as strongly as it has over …

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