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The virtuous circle of quality management, the example of EDUQUA

Anyone working in the world of education has probably heard of …

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Capacitor: multi source codes to single

During the old days, developers had to work on three different …

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The magic of pilot projects in formative testing

At Swiss Connect Academy, we value learnings that result from pilot …

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Resolution of difficulties that may be encountered by adults in training

What methods do we offer our clients? At Swiss Connect Academy, …

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A QA processes flow guide

Quality Assurance or QA is a crucial step in the software-making …

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Putting artificial intelligence at the service of learning

During our daily training missions and meetings with HR decision-makers, we …

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Future Learning and Didactics

Over the last past three years, the integration of digital learning …

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alexandre pasche

Collaboration with Alexandre Pasche

For the first time, Swiss Connect Academy is training a top …

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Open Badges

What is Open Badges? Traditionally, participation in training courses, taking exams …

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Toward intelligent learning experience systems – Part 1: Modeling system-learner interactions

Measuring performances makes improvement easier Introduction The best possible learning experience …

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Value and Competence - Skill Management

Values and competencies / Skill Management in a new professional world:

In most companies, traditional ways of thinking about learning have become …

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Social Blended Learning

Social Blended Learning

How does the change process to self-organized learning in the work …

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