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Why take the change management module?

In this module you will learn how best to tackle significant change in your company which can be triggered, for example, by digitisation or changing values in society.

Change management is a very complex undertaking. Change projects risk failure if they are not supported by robust change management. Managers who know the typical evolution of change processes and the limits of their responsibility are best prepared to implement change projects successfully in their area of responsibility. Learn how to lead your team successfully through change today!

This course is particularly suitable for prospective and existing managers wanting to develop and expand their leadership skills.

Why a further education with Swiss Connect Academy?

Learn Differently! The times of going to school and endless classroom teaching are finally over.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods which are tailored to the requirements of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for contemporary further education, drawing on the advantages of digital learning, without neglecting human aspects such as classrooms and course tutors.

Structure and Content

The learning plan for this module consists of four weeks.

Week 1

Causes of change, degrees of change, conditions for change

Week 2

The change curve, emotions and resistance to change

Week 3

Change project design, Kotter models, Lewin models, iterative approach

Week 4

Facing key leadership responsibilities, emotions and resistance constructively, shaping communication in change processes

Learning goals

Skills you will acquire from the Swiss Connect Academy change management module include:



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Upon completing the module, you will be issued a Course Certificate from the Swiss Connect Academy.



4 weeks

The continuing education can be completed without any problems while working

Course language


Recommended is a language level of at least B1


Ready to start?

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svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What is change management in an organization?

Change management is also referred to as change management. Generally speaking, change management encompasses all projects, activities, measures and tasks that are intended to bring about a change within an organization. Change management involves, for example, changing existing workflows, the working atmosphere and the corporate culture and adapting them to new conditions. This is by no means a matter of superficial changes, but of far-reaching changes that are implemented in a targeted and structured manner with successful change management.

Why is change management gaining importance in organizations?

The corona pandemic has significantly increased the pace of change in many organizations. It has not only accelerated digitization in companies, which entails many changes. Many companies are also taking a close look at new forms of work. For example, the crisis has shown how well remote work works. Especially for concentrated work, employees no longer want to do without virtual work. At the same time, they also want to be in the office from time to time. Especially to drive creative or strategic projects forward with colleagues. Creative and strategic work is best done together on site. In the next few years, well thought-out change management will have to be used to create completely new working methods and environments that are geared to the new needs of the workforce and directly contribute to them. The office will become more of a meeting place, while silent work phases will take place in the home office. Change management is, so to speak, the tool of the digital age.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
Which change management methodology is recommended?

Chance management is not a simple discipline. In practice, many change management projects fail because managers do not follow the classic change management process. For example, it is important to involve employees in the change from the very beginning, to present the goals to be achieved with the change management project, and to provide regular updates on how the processes are progressing. This is the only way companies will gain comrades-in-arms and supporters within their workforce, because employees will feel integrated. Otherwise, they have the unpleasant feeling of being presented with a fait accompli.

What are the goals and benefits of successful change management?

Change management aims to control change processes in a transparent and structured manner. For this purpose, change management is divided into different phases. First, the project is planned by the executors, which is phase number one. In the next phase, phase number two, it is officially announced what changes are coming to the employees. This is followed by the implementation phase, which is phase number three. In this phase, it is helpful if selected employees who are involved in the change project act as influencers within the company. They pass on stage successes to their teams, report on the status quo and are the number one contact for open questions. This gives everyone in the company the feeling that they are well informed at all times. Phase number four follows – implementation. This is usually accompanied by staff training. New applications, working methods and workflows are taught and internalized. The final phase within change management: closure. The end of the change management project is officially announced and what has been achieved is celebrated together.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
For whom is change management training worthwhile?

A change management training course is recommended for prospective or established managers who are already working in a business context. A change management course prepares participants to implement change projects appropriately. Among other things, the focus of a change management course is on strengthening process competence and change competence. By process competence, experts mean various management skills. For example, thinking in terms of processes and procedures, performing quality controls and organizing tasks. Change competence, on the other hand, refers to a person’s ability to perceive change as an exciting challenge and to be able to communicate this enthusiasm to others. This is very important in order to increase acceptance within a change project.

Does change management training replace change management consulting?

In the best case: Yes! A change management consultancy specializes in supporting companies in their change projects and steering them. But external consultants often cause unrest among the workforce. Employees can quickly get the feeling that the change is being imposed on the company from the outside and is not happening from within. This can reduce acceptance among colleagues. It is therefore advisable to keep change management in-house. Good change management training optimally prepares project managers and executives to manage the upcoming change appropriately. However, make sure that it is a certified change management course.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What are the benefits of change management online training?

Change management online training has the decisive advantage that the content can be accessed at any time and from any location. This means that change management online training can be integrated into everyday working life without any problems. Learning takes place when it suits you best, not when the seminar schedule dictates. Change management online training offers a wide variety of learning methods: Starting with video trainings, webinars, coaching, learning in a virtual classroom and ending with playful quizzes. This guarantees that participants will never get bored during online training. On the contrary, participants are taught all the important change management basics in a very varied way that will stick in their minds for a long time. The variety of learning methods ensures this.

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