Why take the Communication Module?

We aim to train genuine, visionary, well-meaning and efficient managers

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Why take the communication module?

In this module you will learn how to interact with your fellow human beings through good communication. Communicate comes from the Latin “communicare” and means “to share”. So, how best to communicate with those around you? Good communicators can give presentations, appeal to and persuade others using information in various ways. Not only that – they can also listen to others very well. This module helps you become a good communicator, so you can get your points across!

This course is particularly suitable for prospective and existing managers wanting to develop and expand their leadership skills and aim for a recognised qualification.

Why choose the Swiss Connect Academy?

Learn Differently! The times of going to school and endless classroom teaching are finally over.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods which are tailored to the requirements of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for contemporary further education, drawing on the advantages of digital learning, without neglecting human aspects such as classrooms and course tutors.

Structure and Content

The learning plan for this module consists of three weeks.

Learning goals

Skills you will acquire from the Swiss Connect Academy communication module include:



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Upon completing the module, you will be issued a Course Certificate from the Swiss Connect Academy. Optionally, you can register with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) for the exam module. You get a certificate from the SVF for each examination passed.

Upon successful completion of all six modules you get the SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate. If you also have the SVF-ASFC Management certificate, you can register for the professional examination, which leads to the Swiss federal Management Specialist certificate. 

Please visit: https://www.svf-asfc.ch/ for more information



3 weeks

Your personal time commitment will amount to 10 to 15 hours per week

Course language

German, French or Italian

A minimum language level of B1 is recommended

Ready to start?

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svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
Why is communication training so important for managers?

You cannot not communicate. This sentence made Paul Watzlawick famous. What the philosopher and psychoanalyst wanted to express with it: Even without words, we are in exchange with our fellow human beings at all times and convey messages. Whether we want to or not. This is an important insight, especially for managers. The world of work has become more fast-paced, complex and uncertain. This makes it all the more important to leave nothing to chance when communicating with employees and to always convey messages clearly and unambiguously.

What are the challenges of communication in the modern work environment?

Communicating clearly and concisely is not easy and is becoming increasingly complex, especially for managers. After all, in many cases communication no longer takes place face-to-face, but also via video conference, chat or e-mail. Each medium requires a different way of communicating with each other.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What are the consequences of inefficient communication?

If something goes wrong in corporate communications and messages are not clearly communicated by a manager, there is a great risk that agreements will lead astray. Often, employees do not know what they are supposed to do. This can delay processes, jeopardize projects and also damage the reputation of the entire organization.

How can communication training and communication seminars help?

This is where professional communication training and communication seminars come in and bring you decisively further as a manager. Further training in communication helps you, for example, to formulate your point of view or work instructions more clearly. So clearly that you can achieve your goals successfully and effortlessly together with your team.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What specific content does your communication training include?

For example, the focus areas for your continuing education in communication may include the following:

    • Target orientation: Learn in the courses how to successfully steer conversations with their employees and how they express themselves at all times understandable.


    • Body Language: Don’t underestimate the high percentage of communication that comes from our body language. 80 percent of the information and emotions we express through our gestures and facial expressions, but also our body posture. Learn in your communication training how to control your own body language and especially what signals you should look for in your counterpart.


    • Clearness: In a good further training in communication, you will also be taught how to avoid basic and serious misunderstandings through a clear, unambiguous choice of words.
    • Change of perspective: Your communication with your team will turn out all the more meaningful and efficient if you are able to take the perspective of your counterpart from time to time. The easier you can assess how your messages are received by your interlocutors.


Is online continuing education in communications recommended for you?

You don’t have much time? Then online training in communication is definitely recommended for you. Virtual learning has decisive advantages: You can learn whenever you want and wherever you want. Take advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities: Webinars, collaborative learning in a virtual classroom, online coaching, or video tutorials and quizzes to reinforce the content you’ve learned.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
Which further education in communication is suitable for you?

Is a Certificate of Advanced Studies the right degree? Rather not. These in-service continuing education courses are aimed more at an audience that is academically engaged with a topic and wants to earn a degree below an academic bachelor’s or master’s degree. For continuing education in communication, we recommend the SVF-ASFC Leadership certificate. It is aimed at aspiring or already established leaders who still lack a nationally recognized leadership qualification. Regardless of whether you want to complete your further education in communication in Zurich or Bern – with the online examination model you will reach your goal at any location and improve your communication skills enormously.

How is the advanced training in communication structured?

The Communication module is one of a total of seven modules within the Leadership certificate course. The topic plan provides for the following focal points:

  • Communication verbal
  • Communication written
  • Conflict management
  • Presentation
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-management
  • Leading a team/group

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