Why take the conflict management module?

We want to train authentic, visionary, benevolent and efficient managers

3 weeks


2 times per year

Start date

Max. 16

Number of participants

German, French, Italian


The course takes place 100% online

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Why should I attend the “Conflict Management” module?

In this module you will learn to recognize conflict signals and to prevent or manage conflicts in your own team using solution-oriented approaches and mediation discussions.

Developing conflict management skills has an impact on a personal level, as a couple, in your family, or with loved ones. In the professional field, they represent a basis of skills that are useful everywhere. We offer you the keys to a better understanding of relationships, models of “know-how”, but also an in-depth survey of beliefs, judgments and behavior, whereby the associated emotions are integrated. Start Being a Conflict Solver Today!

This course is particularly suitable for prospective and existing managers who want to develop and expand their leadership skills and perhaps even aim for a recognized qualification.

Why with the Swiss Connect Academy?

Joyful learning! The times of boring schoolwork and endless face-to-face teaching are over for good.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods that are tailored to the needs of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for up-to-date advanced training that uses the advantages of digitization without neglecting human aspects such as class and trainer.

Structure and Content

The training plan for this module consists of three weeks.

week 1

Identification, externalization and escalation of a conflict, analysis of a conflict

Week 2

Development of solutions to a conflict, implementation of a solution discussion

Week 3

Building a culture of conflict, bullying

Learning goals

The skills that you will acquire through the communication module of the Swiss Connect Academy are:



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At the end of the module, you will receive a confirmation of participation from the Swiss Connect Academy. Optionally, you can register with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) for the module examination. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate from the SVF.

After successfully completing all 6 modules, you will receive the “SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate”. If you also have the “SVF-ASFC Management” certificate, you can register for the professional examination which leads to the “Swiss federal certificate for management specialist”. For more information, please visit https://www.svf-asfc.ch/



3 weeks

Your personal time investment will amount to 10 to 15 hours per week



A language level of at least B1 is recommended

Ready to start?

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svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What is conflict management?

Conflict management in business encompasses all measures and methods to either avoid conflicts in a company from the outset or which help to resolve a conflict. The top priority in conflict management is to find a compromise that the conflicting parties can live with. In this way, issues of dispute within the company do not spread any further. Both could have a negative impact on corporate culture and the working atmosphere. The positive thing is that conflict management can be trained. Managers and employees can learn to resolve conflicts constructively and to resolve them together. In a seminar on the topic Conflict management participants learn important solution strategies know.

Why is conflict management important?

Conflicts can escalate and intensify if they are not appeased. More and more people can also be drawn into an existing dispute. It is all the more important to manage conflict situations. Because in the worst case, disputes among employees have negative effects on work results, performance and motivation. Customers may also notice that the working atmosphere is not the best and they share this knowledge with the outside world. Conflicts can quickly have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. With good conflict management and good communication in the workplace, existing conflict situations can be processed and resolved so that neither the people concerned, the team or the company suffer as a result.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What content is covered in conflict management training?

In a conflict management training course, participants get to know the tools and techniques required, for example, to hold conflict-solving discussions. However, you also learn to adopt the most neutral perspective possible and to assess the conflict situation impartially and to question and improve your own behavior and your own dialogue strategies. Another important aspect is recognizing conflict triggers and avoiding them. An important part of conflict management training is to better protect yourself against verbal attacks and to be able to exchange different points of view fairly and unemotionally.

What are the options for a course or seminar in conflict management?

There are various offers and training courses on the subject of conflict management. A conflict management course can very well be completed online. This is particularly interesting for participants who have little time and want to integrate their conflict management training very agilely into their everyday work. In an online conflict management seminar you learn when you want and where you want. Webinars, virtual classrooms, online coaching and video tutorials are available as learning opportunities. However, there is also the option of completing the conflict management training in private coaching or in face-to-face seminars.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
How much time should I expect to spend on conflict management seminars?

How long training in conflict management takes varies from provider to provider. However, in order to understand, internalize and train the basics of communication and conflict management in the training, a duration of three weeks is recommended. You should plan around ten to 15 hours a week for your conflict management course. Then you can apply all conflict management methods inside out.

For whom is a course or seminar in conflict management suitable?

Conflict management training usually addresses managers, managing directors and executives with personnel responsibility and employees in managerial positions. These come into contact most with conflicts between employees in everyday work and need effective procedures to reconcile conflicting parties with one another. In principle, anyone who is interested in the subject of conflict management can and should attend a seminar, course or advanced training.

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