Why take the Self-Awareness Module?

We aim to train genuine, visionary, well-meaning and efficient managers

3 weeks


2 times per year

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Why take the self-awareness module?

In this module you will learn how to train your inner perception, question yourself critically, develop personally, accept feedback and give constructive feedback.

When you become self-aware, decision-making becomes an easy process. Nobody can force decisions on you. You can make free and informed choices, because you know what is right for you. Being self-aware means knowing your limits and how to let go when there is nothing more you can do. Being self-aware also means having self-control, which is useful whatever happens. After all, self-awareness is essential for success in life, should you wish to become an entrepreneur or lead a team. Achieve greater self-awareness by taking this module!

This course is particularly suitable for prospective and existing managers wanting to develop and expand their leadership skills and aim for a recognised qualification.

Why choose the Swiss Mobile Academy?

Learn Differently! The times of going to school and endless classroom teaching are finally over.

Swiss Mobile Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods which are tailored to the requirements of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for contemporary further education, drawing on the advantages of digital learning, without neglecting human aspects such as classrooms and course tutors.

Structure and Content

The learning plan for this module consists of three weeks.

Week 1

Personality, perception, self-image and external image

Week 2

Behaviour, personal key competencies, personality models and profiles

Week 3

Life goals, life plans, personality development

Learning goals

Skills you will acquire from the Swiss Mobile Academy self-awareness module include:



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Upon completing the module, you will be issued a Course Certificate from the Swiss Mobile Academy. Optionally, you can register with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) for the exam module. You get a certificate from the SVF for each examination passed.

Upon successful completion of all six modules you get the SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate. If you also have the SVF-ASFC Management certificate, you can register for the professional examination, which leads to the Swiss federal Management Specialist certificate. 

Please visit: https://www.svf-asfc.ch/ for more information



3 weeks

Your personal time investment will amount to 10 to 15 hours per week

Course language


A language level of at least B1 is recommended.

Ready to start?

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svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What is self-knowledge?

Self-knowledge is a very elementary skill for managers. Self-knowledge means understanding oneself and knowing oneself. The effect of good self-knowledge is that those who can better assess themselves and manage themselves are more open to others. Therefore, it is crucial for established or aspiring leaders to train their own self-knowledge. Good self-knowledge makes it easier for them to deal with other personalities.

What is the key to self-knowledge?

A pronounced self-knowledge requires first and foremost an intensive examination of one’s own self. The effect on others, for example, is an important topic in this context. What attitudes, values or emotions do I convey with my gestures, facial expressions or statements? What behavioral patterns are typical of my own actions? But personal characteristics, strengths and one’s own limits are also part of self-knowledge.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
How can self-knowledge be improved?

In a self-awareness leadership module for leadership professionals, one’s own self-awareness can be specifically promoted and trained. The learning objectives and the contents of the self-awareness module are precisely defined in the module descriptions of the Swiss Association for Leadership Development (SVF). The SVF offers a self-awareness module as part of its Leadership Certificate. Since its founding in the fall of 2000, the Swiss Association for Leadership Education has been committed to providing contemporary leadership training.

How is the Self-Knowledge Leadership Module for SVF leadership professionals structured?

The Self-Knowledge Leadership Module for SVF Leadership Professionals is part of the Leadership Certificate, which can be obtained from the Swiss Association for Leadership Education (SVF). In addition to the Self-Knowledge Module, it also includes modules on the topics of communication oral & written, conflict management, presentation, self-management and team or group leadership. The examination after completion of all modules consists of a written and an oral part. In the written examination, a four-hour case study must be completed. The oral exam consists of an interview that lasts approximately 90 minutes.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
Is there a way to further deepen the leadership knowledge you have acquired?

Whoever combines the Leadership Certificate SVF with the Management Certificate of the SVF can, after successful completion of both courses and after one year of professional experience, attach the federal professional examination for management specialist. This qualification is highly regarded in management circles.

Can the Self-Knowledge module also be taken online?

The Self-Knowledge module can be easily completed online at the Swiss Connect Academy. This offers you many advantages if you want to continue your education while working. You can access the learning content whenever it suits you best and learn completely independent of location and time. A wide variety of learning materials and learning formats are available to you: Benefit from varied videos, podcasts, e-readings, e-tests, e-cases, scenario-based training and much more. In addition, save yourself long journeys and enjoy the time saved in the company of your family or friends.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What is the SVF Self-Knowledge Report?

The goal of the Self-Knowledge module is the following: Graduates should then be able to critically examine themselves personally. If necessary, they should also be able to initiate corrective measures to change their own behavior. Evidence of these competencies is provided through a written report. The SVF Self-Knowledge Report focuses exclusively on the individual. The contents of the SVF Self-Knowledge Report include, among other things, self-reflection and lessons learned based on real-life examples.

How is the SVF self-knowledge report evaluated?

It is extremely important to the examiners that the connections between the practical examples and the resulting findings in the SVF Self-Knowledge Report are logically comprehensible. The SVF Self-Knowledge Report is reviewed by at least two experts, who ultimately determine the verdict jointly. The evaluation of the SVF Self-Knowledge Report is not done in grades, but with the ratings “passed” or “failed”. The length of the SVF Self-Knowledge Report must be at least four pages and at most six pages.

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