Leading teams module

We want to train authentic, visionary, benevolent and efficient managers

3 weeks


2 times per year

Start date

Max. 16

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German, French, Italian


The course takes place 100% online

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Why should I attend the “Team Leadership” module?

In this module you will learn how to use situation-appropriate methods and techniques to promote cooperation and the achievement of goals.

In the world of work and in a private context, it is important to motivate and create a positive environment. To do this, you need to have good leadership skills and be able to give clear and targeted assignments. Most of us need to lead a group session, evaluate an achievement or behavior, conduct an interview … The list can go on and on. So learn how to best lead a team today!

This course is particularly suitable for prospective and existing managers who want to develop and expand their leadership skills and perhaps even aim for a recognized qualification.

Why with the Swiss Connect Academy?

Joyful learning! The times of boring schoolwork and endless face-to-face teaching are over for good.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods that are tailored to the needs of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for up-to-date advanced training that uses the advantages of digitization without neglecting human aspects such as class and trainer.

Structure and Content

The training plan for this module consists of three weeks.

week 1

Requirements for a manager, leadership style and attitude, motivation

Week 2

Management by objectives, delegation, evaluation and coaching of employees

Week 3

Organization of teamwork, management of a decentralized team

Learning goals

The skills that you will acquire through the team leadership module of the Swiss Connect Academy are:



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At the end of the module, you will receive a confirmation of participation from the Swiss Connect Academy. Optionally, you can register with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) for the module examination. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate from the SVF.

After successfully completing all 6 modules, you will receive the “SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate”. If you also have the “SVF-ASFC Management” certificate, you can register for the professional examination which leads to the “Swiss federal certificate for management specialist”. For more information, please visit https://www.svf-asfc.ch/



3 weeks

Your personal time investment will amount to 10 to 15 hours per week



A language level of at least B1 is recommended

Ready to start?

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svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What does team leadership mean?

Team leadership means that a manager steers members of a work group in such a way that jointly agreed goals are successfully implemented. Empathy is the most important factor here. This is because a team manager must take into account existing group dynamics within his team in order to steer it appropriately. For example, he or she must develop a sense for existing discussions or topics of dispute and mediate or moderate them in such a way that a solution is found that everyone can stand behind. In other cases, demotivated team members need to be spurred on again. In the same way, team leadership must ensure that all organizational conditions are met so that a team can give its full effort. To this end, they negotiate budgets, procure work resources and provide the necessary technical infrastructure.

What are the methods for team leadership?

There are many different methods of team leadership. Fundamental to successful team leadership is a clear distribution of roles and the definition of clear responsibilities in the team. This is the only way to ensure that each employee knows what he or she has to do and what not. Otherwise, there is a risk that some tasks will be processed twice and others will be left undone. When assigning tasks and roles, it is important for the team leadership to communicate very clearly and transparently. During an ongoing project, it is also important that the team leader always listens to the concerns of the team. Only in this way can emerging difficulties be discovered and resolved at an early stage. In order for employees to build up the necessary trust to turn to the team leadership in every matter, an appreciative interaction at eye level is the be-all and end-all.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What are the tools for team leadership?

Various instruments are used in modern team leadership. One of the most widespread management tools is the setting of goals. By setting clear targets, employees are given an orientation as to which tasks are to be completed in which time unit and with which prioritization. Setting goals also serves to motivate employees. This is because successful achievement of goals is usually rewarded with a bonus or other benefits. Other important instruments of team management are, for example, the regular provision of feedback, the targeted development of employees in accordance with their competencies, the delegation of tasks, the monitoring of performance and the regular communication of relevant information to the team.

Is virtual team leadership different from analog team leadership?

Traditionally, team leaders manage their teams face-to-face. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, however, skills in virtual team leadership have increasingly been in demand, as teams have been working more in home offices ever since. There are definitely serious differences in team leadership here.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
How does virtual team leadership work?

With virtual team management, teams no longer sit in the same office, but work together in virtual space. A short-term informal exchange among colleagues is thus practically no longer possible. Instead of being able to seek reassurance from other team members or the manager in the event of uncertainties, team members are left more to their own devices when it comes to making decisions. This has consequences for team leadership: A significant part of virtual team leadership is to strengthen the decision-making ability and decision-making competence of employees.

What are the options for a course or seminar in team leadership?

The good news is that team leadership can be learned. For example, there is the option of taking an online course in team leadership. A virtual seminar on team leadership has a number of advantages over an analog seminar. For example, learning content can be accessed regardless of time and place. This means that online training on team leadership can be easily integrated into a manager’s already busy work schedule. In most cases, online training on team leadership is also very varied because it uses a wide range of learning formats. From virtual classrooms to playful quizzes, everything is included to make learning fun.

svf zertifikat management
svf zertifikat management
What degree do graduates earn in team leadership?

Anyone who decides to take further training on the topic of team leadership at the Swiss Connect Academy can register with the Swiss Association for Leadership Training (SVF) after passing the module in order to receive a certificate from the SVF. Such a module exam is interesting for learners who already hold a management position, or aspire to team leadership. With the SVF certificates, team leaders are optimally equipped for the requirements in the field of team leadership that they face today.

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