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We understand that, for some, learning triggers ideas of boring school classes. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to reconnect you and your teams to the joy of learning. Here’s how…

Use Case: Micro Learning

This form of learning is about imparting knowledge in the smallest portions. A free ebook about this topic can be downloaded at the end of

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Use Case: Gamification

If applications that are actually known from the field of games are used in another context, we speak of gamification. A free ebook about this

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Use Case: Learning culture

Providing employees with the right tools that enable them to acquire new knowledge quickly and continuously. A free ebook on this topic can be downloaded

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Use Case: Professional Training

Learn more about different types of professional training development, continuing education trends and different application areas. A free ebook on this topic can be downloaded

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swiss connect academy covid

COVID-19 Info

The Swiss Connect Academy is aware of the extraordinary situation due to the spread of Coronavirus and complies with the requirements of the federal government.

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