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Financial aspects

What is the price for the SVF Intensive Leadership Course?

Module self-knowledge: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Communication module: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Module Presentation: 520 CHF (including VAT)
Self-management module: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Team management module: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Conflict management module: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Complete training Leadership SVF (6 modules above + exam preparation module for CHF 590.-): Total 4’360 CHF (including VAT)
Module Leadership in a digital world: 740 CHF (including VAT)
Module Change Management: 740 CHF (including VAT)

Can I pay for my training in monthly instalments?
EDUCA SWISS is the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion and Financing of Education. We support all educational projects, regardless of age, qualification or origin, as long as they pursue a professional goal. Thanks to our free coaching and the procurement of educational loans at socially acceptable conditions, we help motivated people to achieve their personal goals. In this way, we supplement the existing support and counselling services – especially for those who are currently falling through gaps in education funding because they do not have sufficient access to scholarships or cannot be supported by their families. Further information is available at www.educaswiss.ch.
What are the costs of SVF examinations?
The SVF is an organisation independent of the Swiss Connect Academy. It is responsible for the federally recognised examinations. All information can be found on the website: Click here
What is included in the price of my training?
  • Online learning content : Compendio e-books, e-tests, e-evaluations, podcasts, videos, spoken PowerPoints,…
  • Virtual classrooms with other participants and trainers
  • Online advice from a competent trainer
  • Webinars for practical exchange
  • A “community” of learners with whom you can exchange and practice together
  • A “certificate of attendance” issued by the Swiss Connect Academy at the end of your training.
What is NOT included in the price of my training?
  • The cost of SVF exams
  • Certificates and professional cards issued by the SVF
  • The didactic contents in paper version
If I cancel my training, can I get a refund?
You will find the cancellation conditions in our TOCs. From 7 calendar days BEFORE the start of the course, no refund of registration fees will be made.
If I pause my training, can I resume it later?
Such a request must be substantiated in writing, giving a detailed description of the reasons for the temporary suspension. The Swiss Connect Academy will review the applications on a case-by-case basis in order to decide on a possible resumption of training at a later date without additional costs.

Starting the Course

When can I start the SVF Intensive Leadership Course?
It is possible to start the comprehensive SVF Intensive Leadership Course at the beginning of each of the 6 modules of the training. All starting dates, including those of the supplementary modules (Leadership in a digital world, Change Management) are listed in our course catalogue.
Can I participate in the SVF Intensive Leadership Course if I live outside Switzerland?
Participation is only open to persons who have an address in Switzerland, an EU country, an EFTA country or in the UK. The SVF Intensive Leadership Course of the Swiss Connect Academy is designed as preparation for the exams of the SVF. The SVF examinations require the personal presence of the participants in one of the test centres in Switzerland.

Certificates and diplomas

Do I get a certificate if I simply attend the SVF Intensive Leadership Course?
All participants receive a “confirmation of participation” at the end of their training, which is issued by the Swiss Connect Academy.
What are the conditions for obtaining the "SVF Leadership Certificate" (level 1)?
Pass all SVF Leadership module examinations.
What are the conditions for obtaining the "Federal Certificate of Competence in Management" (level 2)?
Successful completion of the “SVF Leadership Certificate” and the “SVF Management Certificate” and successful completion of the combined professional examination.
Where do the SVF examinations take place?
All SVF examinations take place in Switzerland and require the personal presence of the candidates.
Where can I find answers to my questions about the SVF exams?
Call the SVF Secretariat +41 (0)44 764 36 26 Send an e-mail to the SVF info@svf-asfc.ch

SCA platform and course notes

Will I be accompanied by a trainer during my training?
Yes, each participant is a member of a virtual class with a personal trainer. When you are registered for the entire intensive course, you will be accompanied by the same trainer through the different modules.
Are the course contents for the SVF Intensive Course Leadership and the SVF Blended Learning Course Leadership the same?
Yes, the didactic contents are the same. In blended learning training, the content is worked through over a longer period of time and in addition to online learning, presence days are also held.
Who can I contact if I have a technical problem?
The “help button” directly in the SCA platform Call the SCA Secretariat Tel. +41 (0)44 515 76 99 Support by e-mail support@sca.online
What happens if I miss a webinar?
If you cannot attend a webinar, please notify your trainer. Webinars are usually recorded and shared in the virtual classroom.
What is the study time per week?
Based on the recommendation of the SVF, 10 to 15 hours per week should be allocated for the SVF Intensive Leadership Course. For the Blended Learning course, it is 5 to 8 hours per week.
Is the SCA platform available in several languages?
The SCA platform is available in the most common languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.) The course contents are only available in the course language you have booked.
On which devices can I use the SCA platform?
On the computer at: https://app.sca.online/#/login On smartphones and tablets by downloading the Swiss Connect Academy App (SCA)
Is there a recommended language level for the training?
The recommended language level for our courses is B1.

Any other questions?

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