SVF Leadership Course

You want to develop as an authentic, visionary, benevolent and efficient leader?

Then you have come to the right place.

Our leadership course imparts important know-how and skills for aspiring and experienced managers.

The participants learn the basics of leadership and develop personally – in exchange with other managers and through the coaching of their trainer.

After the course, participants can take a certificate exam, which is administered by the Swiss Association for Leadership Education (SVF).

You will receive the federally recognized Leadership Specialist Diploma if you hold both SVF certificates – leadership and management.

Why further training with the Swiss Connect Academy?

Joyful learning! The times of boring school desk pressing are finally over.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and pedagogical methods that are tailored to the needs of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for contemporary training, which use the advantages of digitization, without disregarding human aspects such as class and trainer.


Our trainings are


We provide all the tools needed for a successful learning experience. More than 91% of participants pass their exams with adequate preparation.


We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why we balance your learning experience with your everyday life – you can access our training anytime, anywhere.


Collaboration and networking with other leaders is one of our focal points. Our course participants motivate each other during the training and build long-term relationships.

SVF Leadership Course - Course Formats

The course can be attended in two different formats


Content - SVF Leadership Course

The leadership course includes the six modules that are completed to achieve the SVF Certificate in Leadership:

Optionally, a module for exam preparation can be booked. 

More info about the content


You will learn to communicate appropriately and adapt to the situation and context.


You hold visual presentations and use media appropriate to the target audience.


You will learn methods and techniques and how to apply them according to the situation in order to optimize their self-organization and thus work efficiently.

Team Leadership

You will learn to use situationally appropriate methods and techniques in team leadership to promote cooperation and the achievement of goals.

Conflict Management

You will learn to prevent or manage conflicts thanks to appropriate tools.


They critically question themselves and take the necessary corrective measures to permanently change their behavior.


Swiss Connect Academy leadership presentation course
Weiterbildung Leadership SVF

Blended learning course

Forms of teaching


2 semesters

Start date

Every April and October

number of participants

max. 16 per class

Course language


Course location

Online and Zurich, Olten, Bern

Time Investment

Average 8 hours per week


Blended-Learning Course:

SVF Exam Preparation:

Note COVID-19: We guarantee that there will be no delays in the course program. If attendance days cannot take place due to COVID-19 protection measures, they will be replaced by virtual events.

Swiss Connect Academy Weiterbildung Leadership SVF
Swiss Connect Academy Weiterbildung Leadership SVF

Online course

Forms of teaching


1 semester

Start date

2 times a year

number of participants

max. 16 per class

Course language


Course location

The course takes place 100% online


Time Investment

10 to 15 hours per week


Excl. exam preparation:

SVF Exam Preparation:

Conclusion and financial benefits


At the end of the leadership training, you will be issued a certificate of attendance by the Swiss Connect Academy.

Optionally, you can register for the module exams with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training).

For each module passed, you will receive a certificate from the SVF and upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive the “Certificate SVF-ASFC Leadership”.

If you also have the “Certificate SVF-ASFC Management”, you can register for the professional examination, which leads to the “Federal Certificate of Competence in Leadership”.

For more information, please visit the website of the SVF.


Financial advantages

In the case of a professional examination, the federation will pay up to 50 percent of the eligible course fees –  but no more than CHF 9,500.

From January 2018, graduates of courses that prepare for a federal examination will be financially supported. They can submit a corresponding application to the federal government.

The funding briefly explained:

The SERI asks graduates and course providers to contact the processing office directly if they have any questions about applying for federal grants and recording courses:


Settlement Office
Federal contributions for preparatory courses for federal examinations
On behalf of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI

Seilerstrasse 8 | 3011 Bern
Tel. 0840 400 501

If required, the EDUCA SWISS (Swiss Foundation for the Promotion and Financing of Education) will support you in planning and financing your educational project.


Information events

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Why is leadership training becoming more important?

The topic of leadership is currently changing immensely. Whereas personnel management used to be characterized by specifications and control, managers now lead their teams at eye level and in a very agile manner. The reason: globalization and digitization have increased the pressure on companies to innovate immensely. Today, customers expect new services and products more and more quickly. It is therefore all the more important that the swarm knowledge in an organization is used successfully. This enables new ideas to emerge more quickly. Managers no longer provide ready-made solutions, but accompany their team on the way to the goal. To this end, they act as enablers, coaches, motivators and mentors. However, this requires new leadership skills from them. For example, only leaders who can establish a good relationship with their employees and motivate them to achieve their best individual performance will lead their department to success. The good news is that leadership skills can be learned. Leadership training provides the necessary psychological skills that are important for the new role as a leader. With leadership training, organizations increase the success of their teams. It pays off.

For whom is leadership training suitable?

Leadership training is suitable for established managers who want to refresh their leadership skills and adapt them to the new conditions in the working world. However, leadership training is also interesting for aspiring leaders who want to learn the new way of leading from scratch. If, for example, you have completed your basic education and have a few years of professional experience in business or administration and are wondering how you can prepare yourself for your desired leadership role, a targeted leadership training course is the way to go. Perhaps you have already recently taken on a leadership role and still feel unsure of the new terrain? In this case, it is also a good idea to further develop your leadership role and your leadership competencies in a targeted manner.

What are the benefits of a leadership online course?

Do you want to update your leadership skills, but are so busy in your everyday life that you can hardly find the time to attend a time-intensive leadership training course? Then a leadership online course is the right choice for you. The advantage: You can integrate your remote leadership training into your everyday life as a manager in the way that suits you best. Access to your Leadership Online course is available around the clock and can be accessed from any location via the device of your choice – whether smartphone, laptop or tablet. You decide when, where and for how long you want to learn. By the way, variety is part of the program. A wide variety of formats is available to you: Use videos, podcasts, e-papers or scenario-based training in your leadership online course to deepen your knowledge. The Swiss Connect Academy is your perfect contact when it comes to leadership training.

Is a leadership online course a self-study?

All content is taught 100 percent online. However, a leadership online course from Swiss Connect Academy is not to be confused with self-study. You do not learn exclusively with online learning materials within our learning platform. You are also part of a virtual class. With this, you exchange ideas within a virtual classroom, independent of location and time, and regularly receive direct qualified feedback from experienced trainers.

How does the Leadership Online Course at Swiss Connect Academy work?

Simply log in to the SCA learning platform via your computer, smartphone or tablet. And you’re ready to go. The Leadership Online course is held in German. Participants are recommended to have the language skills of a native speaker. The leadership training course lasts 17 weeks and requires a time investment of ten to fifteen hours per week. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16 people per class. At the end of the leadership training, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Swiss Connect Academy.

Can a Leadership Online course prepare me for the SVF Certificate in Leadership?

You bet! The online leadership training of the Swiss Connect Academy prepares you optimally for obtaining an SVF certificate in leadership. The SVF is the Swiss Association for Leadership Education, which administers the federal professional examination in leadership. A Certificat Leadership from the SVF enjoys the highest recognition in Switzerland and is a distinction for your leadership competencies.

What are the advantages of the SVF Leadership certificate?

With the SVF Certificate Leadership you prove that you are optimally prepared for the challenges as a leader that you will encounter in the new working world. You have black on white proof in your hand that you have both the professional and personal competencies that are relevant for successfully leading a team. In concrete terms, this means that on the one hand you know what it takes to lead employees to good results in the age of agility. On the other hand, you have also gained the necessary business management skills to optimally execute your leadership tasks.

What does the SVF Leadership exam cover?

The SVF Leadership exam covers topics such as communication, conflict management, presentation skills, and self and personal leadership. Each module passed is certified individually. If you want to register for the SVF Leadership exam, you can do so easily online. After the SVF Leadership exam, however, your further education does not have to be over. Why not supplement your SVF Certificate Leadership with the SVF Certificate Management, which is also included in the Swiss Connect Academy training portfolio. After successfully passing the SVF Leadership and Management certificates, you can take the next step and complete the SVF professional examination to become a management specialist with a federal certificate.

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