Our Management Training Module

We aim to train genuine, visionary, well-meaning and efficient managers

3 semesters


Every January and August

Start date

Max. 16

Number of participants

German, French or Italian

Course language

Zürich, Olten, Bern, Yverdon or Bellinzona

Course location

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Why a further education with Swiss Connect Academy?

Learn Differently! The times of going to school and endless classroom teaching are finally over.

Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods which are tailored to the requirements of the working world of today and tomorrow. It stands for contemporary further education, drawing on the advantages of digital learning, without neglecting human aspects such as classrooms and course tutors.

Structure and Content

Our management training includes five modules, and gives you the tools to become a more responsible, far-sighted, more inspiring and more efficient manager.

You will learn how to provide your team with meaningful figures and financial data in order to come up with options for action.

You will learn how to establish connections between fundamental concepts of corporate management and the basic principles of economics in order to formulate economic, social and ecological objectives for the company.

You will learn how to use modern HR management tools to ensure personnel development while taking statutory requirements into account.

You will learn to introduce and improve processes, taking into account the situation and resources available.

You will learn the basic principles of project management, and how to apply them at every
level in order to manage the project successfully.



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Upon completing the management training, you will be issued a Course Certificate from the Swiss Mobile Academy. Optionally, you can register with the SVF (Swiss Association for Leadership Training) for the exam modules. You get a certificate from the SVF for each module passed, and upon successful completion of all modules you get the SVF-ASFC Management Certificate.

If you also have the SVF-ASFC Leadership certificate, you can register for the professional examination, which leads to the Swiss federal Management Specialist certificate.

Please visit: https://www.svf-asfc.ch/ for more information


3 semesters (½ day introduction, 5 days classroom teaching + 3 optional days classroom teaching for examination preparation)

Full attendance at work can continue throughout

Either Zürich, Olten, Bern, Yverdon or Bellinzona

German, French or Italian

A minimum language level of B1 is recommended

Max. 16 participants per class

In January and August, you can find exact dates here.

CHF 5,950 (excl. examination preparation, inc. VAT, inc. course materials, excl. examination fees)

CHF 6,940 (inc. examination preparation, inc. VAT, inc. course materials, excl. examination fees)

If needed, support is available from EDUCA SWISS (the Swiss foundation for promoting and funding education) with planning and financing your education plans.

Ready to start?

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