We support the management of your company in objectively determining performance and job satisfaction.

Our metrological instruments provide economic indicators and indicators of the degree to which the needs and stress levels of your employees are taken into account.

An even better place to work

An Even Better Place to Work is a mobile platform that measures the extent to which your employees' needs are met in the workplace. Thanks to this platform, better performance and considerable savings can be achieved by improving the autonomy and self-management of your employees.

Autonom Health

Heart rate variability indicates the extent to which a person is relaxed or stressed.

With the "Autonom Health" app, 120,000 heartbeat data can be recorded and transformed into various diagrams within 24 hours. Among other things, the available mental vitality, the quality of recovery and the state of exhaustion of each individual employee can be displayed.


How can people work together more efficiently and productively?

Persolog® provides you with a personality model and various instruments for personality development that provide you with the appropriate answers.

Metrology: Thanks to the data collected, a person can find new strategies and better orchestrate their cognition and emotions in their actions and interactions: The person thus develops a behavioral flexibility that also leads to better performance and greater well-being.

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