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Swiss Connect Academy offers courses, learning materials and educational methods that are tailored to the needs of the world of work and its required competencies. It stands for up-to-date advanced training that uses the advantages of digitalization without neglecting human aspects such as class and trainer.

At Swiss Connect Academy, learners can follow Leadership and Management Courses to obtain SVF certifications. If they get both certifications in Leadership and Management, they can obtain the title: Specialist in Leadership and Management with Federal Diploma of Higher Education and Training.

Swiss Connect Academy Main Trainings!

Leadership SVF

Our Leadership courses SVF are composed of Self-Awareness, Communication, Conflict Management and many more modules

Let's discover how it can help your team members becoming benevolent leaders!

Partner Day Swiss Connect Academy

Management SVF

General, Personnel and Change Management are the 3 modules of the Management SVF Course!

Our goal is to train authentic, visionary, benevolent and efficient managers.

SCA Partners Day

Our courses have a lot to offer!

Discover all the advantages our Leadership and Management courses can bring to your team!


SVF Certification

For each successful module, you will receive a SVF Certificate and upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive the "SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate" or "SVF-ASFC Management Certificate".

Powerful LXP Platform

Our learners benefit from our Learning Experience Platform and creative learning content (videos, podcasts, e-tests, e-cases, scenario-based trainings, etc.) with Artificial Intelligence to individualize the learning journey and personalize the support provided to learners.

Great Flexibility

Access to your online leadership and management course is available 24 hours a day and can be called up anywhere on the device of your choice.

Financial Support

In the case of a professional examination, the Federal Government finances up to 50% of the creditable course fees! Let's learn more on our dedicated page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates and diplomas

At the end of their training, all participants receive a “Certificate of Participation” issued by the Swiss Connect Academy.

Successful completion of the “SVF Leadership Certificate” and the “SVF Management Certificate” as well as successful completion of the combined professional examination.

All SVF examinations take place in Switzerland and require the personal presence of the candidates.

You can find information on the SVF/ASFC website:

Or, call the SVF secretariat +41 (0)44 764 36 26, send an e-mail to