Swiss Connect Academy Deutschland

Swiss Connect Academy Deutschland

Discover innovative and strategic skill management

Together we are stronger - our values and competencies - your advantage

Research and experience of our experts from over two decades

AI-based Learning Experience Platform to support personalized learning.

Concept and software for professional skills management

FIBAA certified trainings in blended learning format

International team of experienced people in software and concept development

FIBAA certified blended learning courses with adaptive learning paths

Prepare your future leaders for their leadership practice with our proven blended learning. Take advantage of our FIBAA-certified modules in self-awareness, communication, self-management, team leadership, conflict management and skills management.


Our leadership courses consist of the modules self-awareness, communication, conflict management and many more. Let us discover how we competently develop your leaders.


General, personnel and change management are the three modules of our management course.
Our goal is to train authentic, visionary, empathetic and efficient managers.

Skill Management

Our ValCom course to become a certified skills manager – work with other participants to develop a concept for implementing your corporate learning


Our LXP with AI support is designed to enable and support development activities and communication within your organization and teams.Provide your employees with the optimal enabling space for their self-organized learning processes.

Identification and targeted development of the skills of your employees, teams and the whole organization

Develop your skilled organization with a consistent value orientation. Our ValCom software offers you the basis for a targeted and personalized value and competence development (skill management) of your employees and teams.

Consulting and coaching by our experts

Would you like your company to be even better at what it does? Is your company in a state of upheaval? Are you starting a new project? Are you adding new employees to your team/company? All these challenges have in common that your employees and teams need to build up their values and competencies, and therefore knowledge and qualifications. Our experts from the team around Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter support you in this process.

Roman Sauter

Managing Director and Senior Consultant

Mark Sitko

Software / Full Stack Entwickler

Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter

Senior Consultant and Scientific Director

Johanna Berhaut


Who is behind SCA Deutschland?

SCA Deutschland GmbH is the result of the merger of ValCom® GmbH and Swiss Connect Academy Switzerland.

Our partnership is based on a shared vision of Future Learning, in which adaptive, formal learning and the targeted development of values and competencies are brought together in a holistic concept based on our Learning Experience Platform.

Roman Sauter, Managing Director and Product Manager, and Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter, Senior Consultant, look forward to working with you to design and implement your corporate learning to meet your requirements. 

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