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Responsabile delle risorse umane

Godetevi la nostra collaborazione con FMP!

La nostra grande partnership con FMP ci dà l’opportunità di offrire ai nostri studenti diversi corsi di formazione nel campo delle risorse umane e dell’assistente alla gestione del personale.

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Cosa può offrirti il nostro corso per Manager delle Risorse Umane!


Partnership for excellence

Our choice of partners allows us to offer varied and high quality courses to our students!

Premium Quality Content

Our creative learning content (videos, podcasts, e-tests, e-cases, scenario-based trainings, etc.) are designed by experts to maximize your success!

Great Flexibility

Access to your online leadership and management course is available 24 hours a day and can be called up anywhere on the device of your choice.

Financial Support

With professional examinations, the Federal Government finances up to 50% of the creditable course fees! Let's learn more on our dedicated page!

Moduli per manager delle risorse umane

Affari e diritto

Modulo 1

Gestione e comunicazione

Modulo 2

Salari e assicurazioni

Modulo 3

processi e formazione

Modulo 4

Modulo di revisione

Informazioni sul corso di Manager delle risorse umane

4 mesi, 6 mesi, 8 mesi o 10 mesi

Gennaio, febbraio, maggio, aprile



Online e a Losanna


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Domande frequenti


You have a Federal Certificate of Proficiency (FPC), Gymnasium Matura, Specialised Matura, School of General Education Certificate or equivalent certificate.
You can prove that you have passed the examination for the certificate of assistant in personnel management.

You have a CFC as a commercial employee or retail manager, a diploma from a commercial school, an equivalent certificate and you can prove that you have 4 years of professional experience in the commercial field (after graduation).
You have a 3-year CFC. You have an office assistant’s certificate or a certificate deemed equivalent and you can prove that you have 5 years’ professional experience in the commercial field (after obtaining the certificate).
You do not have a CFC, but you can prove that you have at least 8 years of professional experience, including 5 years in the commercial field.

The certificate examination requires a Federal Certificate of Proficiency or a Matura as well as some form of professional practice for 24 months after the end of the training. If neither the Federal Certificate of Proficiency nor the Matura has been completed, 48 months of work experience will be required. The candidate will be admitted to the certificate examination if he/she registers in good time and has paid the required examination fee.