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SVF Certification

For each successful module, you will receive a SVF Certificate and upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive the "SVF-ASFC Leadership Certificate" or "SVF-ASFC Management Certificate".

Powerful LXP Platform

Our learners benefit from our Learning Experience Platform and creative learning content (videos, podcasts, e-tests, e-cases, scenario-based trainings, etc.) with Artificial Intelligence to individualize the learning journey and personalize the support provided to learners.

Great Flexibility

Access to your online leadership and management course is available 24 hours a day and can be called up anywhere on the device of your choice.

Financial Support

In the case of a professional examination, the Federal Government finances up to 50% of the creditable course fees! Let's learn more on our dedicated page!

Management SVF Modules

Combination of the certifications in Management and in Leadership enables students to obtain the
Specialist in Leadership and Management with Federal Diploma of Higher Education and Training.

Personnel Management

Module 1

Change Management

Module 2

General Management

Module 3

Exam Preparation


Information about Management Course

2 semesters

In March

Max. 16 per class

LANGUAGE German, French, Italian

COURSE LOCATION Online and Zürich, Olten, Basel, Bern, St. Gallen, Chur, Lausanne, Martigny, Yverdon, Geneva, Fribourg, Bellinzona, and Winterthur

TIME INVESTMENT An average of 8 hours per week

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Our Trainers

Margot Christen

Margot Christen

Trainer Leadership

Beat Rüfli

Beat Rüfli

Trainer Leadership

Magali Vannay

Magali Vannay

Trainer Leadership

Philippe Gachet

Philippe Gachet

Trainer Leadership

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Do you need more information about our trainings?

Frequently Asked Questions​

Management Training

Do you already hold a position as a manager or are you soon aiming for a career in management? Either way, your tasks on the executive floor cannot be compared to those of a team member. In a management position, completely different to-do’s come up for you. This includes tasks in personnel management and strategic planning. You will also analyze and interpret business contexts and derive the need for action for your management area. These professional skills are not inherited from everyone. Therefore, further training on the subject of management and leadership is recommended. This prepares you optimally for your new tasks in the management team of your company.
You can learn to be a boss. And that is exactly what the course in which you acquire the SVF Management Certificate is geared towards. The abbreviation SVF stands in German for the Swiss Association for Management Training, which has been committed to modern management training for over 20 years. For this purpose, the SVF has developed a special certificate and a special certificate course in the field of management. The content is conveyed in modules on various topics. The Swiss Association for Management Training conducts around 9,000 exams every year. The SVF certificate in the field of management is a recognized management training and is recognized by many companies. With an SVF certificate in the field of management, you will immensely strengthen your chances of a successful career at the management level of a company.
If you successfully complete the SVF certificate in the field of management, you can prove that you have dealt intensively with essential topics for a management role. You have proven business management knowledge, know-how in the area of personnel management and relevant knowledge in project management. Furthermore, the SVF certificate in the field of management attests to relevant experience in the management of processes and in the accounting of a company. With this expertise, you are perfectly equipped for the multifaceted everyday life of a manager.
The SVF management certificate can be acquired online without any problems. Online management training has a number of advantages for learners. For example, learning content can be accessed anytime and anywhere and easily integrated into your daily work. Just learn when it suits you best and use, for example, idle times in your daily work for your further education in management. Another advantage: the online training is very varied. Because it relies on a wide variety of forms of learning. It includes, for example, video training, webinars, one-to-one coaching, learning together with other participants in a virtual classroom, and even playful quizzes. This is how training is fun.
The course for acquiring the SVF certificate in the field of management is designed so that it can be completed part-time. It leads to a federal certificate in one to three semesters. Professionals with a recognized apprenticeship qualification or with several years of professional and management experience are admitted.
In addition to management training, the Swiss Association for Leadership Training also offers leadership training. It is comprised of seven core topics, which are also taught in separate modules. Each successfully completed module is also individually certified here. The topics include the following areas: oral and written communication, conflict management, presentation, self-awareness, self-management and leading a team or group. However, the training does not include further training in case management.

Yes there is. If you would like to acquire both certificates in the field of management and leadership and then work as a manager for a year, the next step is to take the exam to become a management specialist or a management specialist with a federal certificate. This requires the successful completion of the SVF modules Leadership and Management.