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At Swiss Connect Academy, we believe that learning should be associated with a joyful experience and good memories. Our mission is to bring the joy of learning closer to business executives and their teams.


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Meet our Team

We are a complementary cross-generational team, inspired by the common mission to help you and your teams achieve success through high quality trainings in Switzerland and abroad.

Graziella Bianco Swiss Connect Academy

Graziella Bianco

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastien Junod Swiss Connect Academy

Sébastien Junod

Chief Executive Officer

Oksana Noorlander Swiss Connect Academy

Oksana Noorlander

Head of AI Development

Gregory Tschabuschnig Swiss Connect Academy

Gregory Tschabuschnig

Head of Learning & Development

Pascal Wyser Swiss Connect Academy

Pascal Wyser

Head of Product Development


Marjorie Besson

Marketing Manager


Irina Bujor

Finance and Administration Manager


Margot Christen

Trainers Pool Manager

Christina Campeaux Butscher Swiss Connect Academy

Christina Campeaux-Butscher

Administrative Coordinator

Samuel Laprand Swiss Connect Academy

Samuel Laprand

Film Producer

Brice Maret Swiss Connect Academy

Brice Maret

E-learning developer

Daphne Margelli Swiss Connect Academy

Daphne Margelli

UX designer


Sophie Hautbois

Course Designer & Senior Consultant


Joël Isenschmid

Working Student Content Production


Quentin Cigolari

Graphic & Web Designer


Manuela Chis

E-Learning Content Administrator


Jean-Marie Droz

AI Specialist


Eloïse Savigny

Learning & Development


Rachel Tschabuschnig

Learning & Development


Yvan Brunner

Podcasting Expert


Omar Belil

Customer Succes Manager


Jan Wieszinski

Administrative Coordinator


Nicola Anghileri

IT Project Assistant

Dario Isenschmid

Podcasting Expert

Board of Directors

Rene Mueller Swiss Connect Academy

René Müller

Founder and chairman of the Board of Directors

Thierry Hostettler Swiss Connect Academy

Thierry Hostettler

Founder and member of the Board of Directors


Regula Müller

Member of the Board of Directors

Graziella Bianco Swiss Connect Academy

Graziella Bianco

Member of the Board of Directors

Sebastien Junod Swiss Connect Academy

Sébastien Junod

Member of the Board of Directors

Frequently Asked Questions

SCA platform and course notes

Yes. Each participant is a member of a virtual class with a personal trainer.

The “Help Button” directly in the SCA platform Call the SCA Secretariat Tel. +41 (0)44 515 76 99 Support by e-mail info@sca.online
If you are unable to attend a webinar, please notify your trainer. Webinars are usually recorded and shared in the virtual classroom.

For the blended learning course, it is 5 to 8 hours per week.

The SCA platform is available in the most common languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
The course content is only available in the course language you have booked.

On the computer at: https://app.sca.online/#/login
On smartphones and tablets by downloading the Swiss Connect Academy App (SCA)

The recommended language level for our training courses is B1.