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Our LXP is designed to host trainings, provide AI feedback in e-tests, and support communication within your organization and team. Your employees are your company's greatest competitive advantage today! Let's give them the tools to be your assets for tomorrow.

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Upgrade the learning experience in your team!

Our LXP developed by Connect Solutions facilitates training, feedback to questions using AI, and communication within your teams, thus reinforcing the company spirit!

How? With our digital platform that offers an innovative and personalized learning experience! Available online on all devices.

Our LXP, or Learning Experience Platform:

  • Provides tailored learning that works for everyone in your team
  • Facilitates learning by issuing AI feedback to e-test questions
  • Fosters a deep learning culture
  • Offers easy integration, combining all your internal and external learning resources in one place
  • Defines the competencies needed by your team
  • Centralizes information and communication between users
  • Respects data protection beyond the legal framework

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Frequently Asked Questions​


Connect solutions is available in:

Your privacy and data protection are our priority. Our LXP is secured beyond the legal framework.

We established an industry-leading security program, dedicated to ensuring customers have the highest confidence in our custodianship of their data. Our security program is aligned to the ISO 27001 standards and is regularly audited and assessed by third parties and customers.

Yes, if you decide to host your own version of our LXP you can do so wherever you want.

Our Swiss Connect Academy LXP is compatible with other LMS on the market so that you are able to import all your existing learning content easily.
The supported formats are: xAPI, LTI, SCORM

The Connect Solutions service transmits data over public networks using strong encryption. This includes data transmitted between Connect Solutions clients and the Connect Solutions service. The Connect Solutions service supports the latest recommended secure cipher suites to encrypt all traffic in transit, including use of tlS 1.2 protocols, AeS256 encryption, and SHA2 signatures, as supported by the clients.
Connect Solutions monitors the changing cryptographic landscape and upgrades the cipher suite choices as the landscape changes, while also balancing the need for compatibility with older clients.

To minimize the risk of data exposure, Connect Solutions adheres to the principle of least privilege—workers are only authorized to access data that they reasonably must handle in order to fulfill their current job responsibilities. To ensure that users have this authorization, Connect Solutions employs the following measures:
– All systems used at Connect Solutions require users to authenticate and users are granted unique identifiers for that purpose.
– Each user’s access is reviewed at least quarterly to ensure the access granted is still appropriate for the user’s current job responsibilities.
Workers may be granted access to a small number of internal systems, such as the corporate Connect Solutions instance, by default upon hire. Requests for additional access follow a documented process and are approved by the responsible manager.