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Questions and Answers regarding our trainings!

Financial aspects

Please contact us for professional discount scheme.

  • Leadership SVF: CHF 4,890 (Including Exam Preparation)
  • Management SVF: CHF 5,310 (Including Exam Preparation)
  • SVF – Exam preparation module: CHF 2,000
  • Full: CHF 11,590

EDUCA SWISS is the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion and Financing of Education. It supports all educational projects, regardless of age, qualification or origin, as long as they pursue a professional goal. Thanks to its free coaching and the arrangement of educational loans at socially acceptable conditions, it helps motivated people achieve their personal goals.
In this way, it is supplementing the existing support and counselling services – especially for those who today fall through the gaps in educational funding because they do not have sufficient access to scholarships or cannot be supported by their families.
For more information, please visit

The SVF (i.e. Schweizerisch Vereinigung für Führungsausbildung in German – Swiss Association for Leadership Training) is an organization independent of Swiss Connect Academy. The SVF is responsible for the federally recognized examinations. You can find all the information on the website

  • Online learning content: e-books, e-tests, e-evaluations, podcasts, videos, spoken PowerPoints…
  • Virtual classrooms with other participants and trainers
  • Online advice from an expert trainer
  • Webinars for practical exchange
  • A “community” of learners with whom you can exchange ideas and practice together
  • A “Certificate of Attendance” issued by Swiss Connect Academy at the end of your training.
  • Presence day
  • The cost of SVF exams
  • Certificates and diplomas issued by the SVF
  • The didactic contents in paper version

You will find the cancellation conditions in our general terms and conditions.
No registration fee refunds are given 7 calendar days or less BEFORE the start of the course.

Such a request must be justified in writing, describing in detail the reasons for the temporary suspension. Swiss Connect Academy will review applications on a case-by-case basis in order to decide on a possible resumption of training at a later date without additional costs.

Starting the Course

It is possible to start the comprehensive SVF Intensive Leadership Course at the beginning of each of the 6 modules of the training.
All start dates, including those of the supplementary modules (leadership in a digital world, change management) are visible in our course catalog.

Certificates and diplomas

At the end of their training, all participants receive a “Certificate of Participation” issued by the Swiss Connect Academy.

Successful completion of the “SVF Leadership Certificate” and the “SVF Management Certificate” as well as successful completion of the combined professional examination.

All SVF examinations take place in Switzerland and require the personal presence of the candidates.

You can find information on the SVF/ASFC website:

Or, call the SVF secretariat +41 (0)44 764 36 26, send an e-mail to

SCA platform and course notes

Yes. Each participant is a member of a virtual class with a personal trainer.

The “Help Button” directly in the SCA platform Call the SCA Secretariat Tel. +41 (0)44 515 76 99 Support by e-mail
If you are unable to attend a webinar, please notify your trainer. Webinars are usually recorded and shared in the virtual classroom.

For the blended learning course, it is 5 to 8 hours per week.

The SCA platform is available in the most common languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
The course content is only available in the course language you have booked.

On the computer at:
On smartphones and tablets by downloading the Swiss Connect Academy App (SCA)

The recommended language level for our training courses is B1.

Management Training

Do you already hold a position as a manager or are you soon aiming for a career in management? Either way, your tasks on the executive floor cannot be compared to those of a team member. In a management position, completely different to-do’s come up for you. This includes tasks in personnel management and strategic planning. You will also analyze and interpret business contexts and derive the need for action for your management area. These professional skills are not inherited from everyone. Therefore, further training on the subject of management and leadership is recommended. This prepares you optimally for your new tasks in the management team of your company.

You can learn to be a boss. And that is exactly what the course in which you acquire the SVF Management Certificate is geared towards. The abbreviation SVF stands in German for the Swiss Association for Management Training, which has been committed to modern management training for over 20 years. For this purpose, the SVF has developed a special certificate and a special certificate course in the field of management. The content is conveyed in modules on various topics. The Swiss Association for Management Training conducts around 9,000 exams every year. The SVF certificate in the field of management is a recognized management training and is recognized by many companies. With an SVF certificate in the field of management, you will immensely strengthen your chances of a successful career at the management level of a company.

If you successfully complete the SVF certificate in the field of management, you can prove that you have dealt intensively with essential topics for a management role. You have proven business management knowledge, know-how in the area of personnel management and relevant knowledge in project management. Furthermore, the SVF certificate in the field of management attests to relevant experience in the management of processes and in the accounting of a company. With this expertise, you are perfectly equipped for the multifaceted everyday life of a manager.

The SVF management certificate can be acquired online without any problems. Online management training has a number of advantages for learners. For example, learning content can be accessed anytime and anywhere and easily integrated into your daily work. Just learn when it suits you best and use, for example, idle times in your daily work for your further education in management. Another advantage: the online training is very varied. Because it relies on a wide variety of forms of learning. It includes, for example, video training, webinars, one-to-one coaching, learning together with other participants in a virtual classroom, and even playful quizzes. This is how training is fun.

The course for acquiring the SVF certificate in the field of management is designed so that it can be completed part-time. It leads to a federal certificate in one to three semesters. Professionals with a recognized apprenticeship qualification or with several years of professional and management experience are admitted.

In addition to management training, the Swiss Association for Leadership Training also offers leadership training. It is comprised of seven core topics, which are also taught in separate modules. Each successfully completed module is also individually certified here. The topics include the following areas: oral and written communication, conflict management, presentation, self-awareness, self-management and leading a team or group. However, the training does not include further training in case management.

Yes there is. If you would like to acquire both certificates in the field of management and leadership and then work as a manager for a year, the next step is to take the exam to become a management specialist or a management specialist with a federal certificate. This requires the successful completion of the SVF modules Leadership and Management.

Leadership Training

The subject of leadership is currently undergoing a major change. Whereas personnel management used to be characterized by specifications and control, managers now lead their teams at eye level and in a very agile way. The reason: globalization and digitalization have increased the pressure on companies to be highly innovative. Today’s customers expect new services and products more and more quickly. This makes it all the more important that social competences are brought to the forefront of the management function and that swarm knowledge is used successfully in an organization. This allows new ideas to emerge more quickly. Managers no longer provide ready-made solutions, but accompany their team on the way to the goal. To this end, they act as facilitators, coaches, motivators and mentors. However, this requires new leadership skills.
For example, only leaders who can relate well to their employees and motivate them to achieve their individual best performance will lead their teams to success. The good news is that leadership skills can be learned. This training provides the necessary psychological skills that are important for the new role of manager. Through leadership training, organizations increase the success of their teams. It pays off.

It is suitable for established managers who want to refresh their leadership skills and adapt them to the new conditions. In addition to a CAS leadership training and further training, an SVF leadership training is another opportunity to learn the new type of leadership from scratch. If, for example, you have completed basic education and have several years of professional experience in business or administration, you may be wondering how you can prepare for your desired management tasks; this type of targeted further training prepares you for a management position. Alternatively, perhaps you have recently taken on a management role and still feel unsure in the new terrain? Even then, it is a good idea to further develop your leadership role and your leadership skills in a targeted manner.

Do you want to update your leadership skills but are so busy in your everyday life that you can hardly find the time to participate in a time-consuming leadership training? Then an online leadership course is the method of choice for you. The advantage: You can integrate your remote courses into your everyday life as a manager in the way that suits you best. Access to your online leadership course is available around the clock and can be called up anywhere on the device of your choice – whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or tablet. You decide on a highly individual basis when, where and for how long you study. Luckily, variety is part of the program. A variety of formats are available to you: use videos, podcasts, e-books or scenario-based training in your online leadership course to deepen your knowledge.

All content is taught 100% online. However, an online leadership course from Swiss Connect Academy is not to be confused with pure self-study. You do not learn exclusively with online learning materials on our learning platform. You are also part of a virtual class. With this, you exchange ideas within a virtual classroom, independent of location and time, and regularly receive direct qualified feedback from experienced trainers.

Simply log into the SCA learning platform using your computer, smartphone or tablet. And you’re ready to go! The language level of a native speaker (at least B1 level) is recommended for participants. The modules last 17 weeks and require an investment of five to height hours per week. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16 people per class. At the end of the management training, you will receive a certificate of participation from the Swiss Connect Academy. In our social media channels, SCA also reports on interesting leadership training articles.

The Swiss Connect Academy prepares you optimally for the certificate in leadership. The examination is organized by the SVF and the Swiss Association for Executive Education, which is highly regarded in Switzerland. It is a reward for your leadership skills.

As with the well-known Certificate of Advanced Studies – CAS Leadership, where you need a degree, with the SVF Leadership Certificate you show that you are optimally prepared for the challenges you will encounter in the new world of work as a management specialist. You increase your chances on the job market and thus have proof that you have both the professional and personal skills that are relevant to successfully lead a team. In concrete terms: not only do you know what is important in order to guide employees to good results in the age of agility, but you also have the necessary tools, from a business point of view, to optimally carry out your leadership tasks.

The exam covers, among other things, topics such as communication, conflict management, presentation skills as well as self-management and personal management. Each successfully completed module is individually certified. If you want to register for the SVF Leadership Certificate exam, you can do so online without any problems. However, after the SVF Leadership Examination, your training does not have to end. Supplement your Leadership SVF Certificate with the SVF Management Certificate, which is also included in the Swiss Connect Academy training portfolio. After successfully completing both the SVF Leadership and Management certificates, the next step at the SVF is to complete the professional examination to become a management specialist with a federal certificate.


Connect solutions is available in:

Your privacy and data protection are our priority. Our LXP is secured beyond the legal framework.

We established an industry-leading security program, dedicated to ensuring customers have the highest confidence in our custodianship of their data. Our security program is aligned to the ISO 27001 standards and is regularly audited and assessed by third parties and customers.

Yes, if you decide to host your own version of our LXP you can do so wherever you want.

Our Swiss Connect Academy LXP is compatible with other LMS on the market so that you are able to import all your existing learning content easily.
The supported formats are: xAPI, LTI, SCORM

The Connect Solutions service transmits data over public networks using strong encryption. This includes data transmitted between Connect Solutions clients and the Connect Solutions service. The Connect Solutions service supports the latest recommended secure cipher suites to encrypt all traffic in transit, including use of tlS 1.2 protocols, AeS256 encryption, and SHA2 signatures, as supported by the clients.
Connect Solutions monitors the changing cryptographic landscape and upgrades the cipher suite choices as the landscape changes, while also balancing the need for compatibility with older clients.

To minimize the risk of data exposure, Connect Solutions adheres to the principle of least privilege—workers are only authorized to access data that they reasonably must handle in order to fulfill their current job responsibilities. To ensure that users have this authorization, Connect Solutions employs the following measures:
– All systems used at Connect Solutions require users to authenticate and users are granted unique identifiers for that purpose.
– Each user’s access is reviewed at least quarterly to ensure the access granted is still appropriate for the user’s current job responsibilities.
Workers may be granted access to a small number of internal systems, such as the corporate Connect Solutions instance, by default upon hire. Requests for additional access follow a documented process and are approved by the responsible manager.


Skill transfer and the measure thereof is something that can be discussed as early as in the first meeting with the customer. At different times during and after the training, variables such as satisfaction, learning outcome and behavioral change will be measured to observe how beneficial our learning solution is/was. Additionally, and upon request from the customer, complementary actions can be taken to increase the likeliness of employees’ learning transfer.

The indicators used to determine return on investment will be defined together with the customer, as they may vary depending on the type of skills employees will need to develop. In any case, all indicators we will discuss should rely on observable changes in employee behavior that benefit the customer.

Customers opting for tailor-made trainings can, upon request, be provided with certifications detailing the learning objectives and results of said training.

If your needs go beyond a single learning project or if you would like to develop a learning culture inside your company, it is possible to entrust us with the management of your Learning and Development activities that would otherwise be the responsibility of a Head of Learning and Development or Chief Learning Officer.

Do you need more information about our trainings?