Consulting for Instructional Design, Content Creation & trainings with AI capabilities

Do you want your company to become even better at what it does? Is your company going through changes? Are you welcoming new people in your team/company? Do you want to measure the competencies your team is developing while training? All these situations have in common that your employees need to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills! We are here to help you find a way to fill skills gaps in your organization!

Check out our consulting services for Instructional Design, Content Creation & trainings with AI capabilities

We are learning architects; we design trainings and courses for you and with you.

Our goal is to offer tailor-made one-time or long-term trainings designed to fit today’s lifestyle and your budget.


Our Consulting service is divided into 3 important steps

1. Audit

First, we get to know your business and your organization to better understand your needs

2. Identification

Then we identify the skills gap you are ready to fill and the different steps to follow

3. Creation of the project

Finally, together and with our expertise in Instructional Design and Artificial Intelligence we create the training plan you need, decide on the learning objectives and how to measure each objective


The following options allow you to harness the full potential of our consulting service

Content Creation with AI capabilities

Based on our recommended plan, we can create the learning content with AI capabilities that you need (Video, Podcast, Text, E-learning, E-tests etc.).


Your content, our platform.
You can choose to use our own Learning Experience Platform to host your trainings and offer your team the best learning experience.


This option is a guarantee that the training you provide to your teams will give you a return on investment. We can measure skill gains over time, and give your team the organizational support to transfer skills.

Trainings with AI capabilities

Your content, our AI capabilities. You can use your own learning content and enhance the learning experience with AI feedback in testing.

Tailor-made learning experience

Customized training can be of interest in all aspects of your business, wherever there is a transmission or a lack of skills. For example:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Process Management Plan
  • GxP (e.g. Good manufacturing practice GMP, Good safety practice GSP, Good recruitment practice GRP, etc.)
  • Onboarding
  • Organizational learning
  • Etc.

Outsourced Chief Learning Officer and AI Specialist

We provide an Outsourced CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Service! Our experts have experience and are available to work as Learning Consultants within your organization to support your Learning and Training internal development.

What are the benefits of outsourcing a CLO and AI Specialist?

  • You can access top performance experts to support and develop your Learning Culture
  • Hiring both positions in can be very time consuming. We already have the professionals you need!
  • Our CLO and AI Specialist service can perfectly fit your budget and development with only a few hours per month or full-time solutions
Courses and Trainings

Babilou testimonial about our Tailor Made service!

Thanks to Swiss Connect Academy's personalized approach, we were able to offer our managers a comprehensive leadership training program that covered not only team leadership but also change management and communication in a format adapted to our sector. Part of the training was done face-to-face, another by video conference and the last one with individual work. We would like to thank Sébastien Junod for his availability and flexibility in adapting the Swiss Connect Academy services to our needs

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Frequently Asked Questions​


Skill transfer and the measure thereof is something that can be discussed as early as in the first meeting with the customer. At different times during and after the training, variables such as satisfaction, learning outcome and behavioral change will be measured to observe how beneficial our learning solution is/was. Additionally, and upon request from the customer, complementary actions can be taken to increase the likeliness of employees’ learning transfer.

The indicators used to determine return on investment will be defined together with the customer, as they may vary depending on the type of skills employees will need to develop. In any case, all indicators we will discuss should rely on observable changes in employee behavior that benefit the customer.

Customers opting for tailor-made trainings can, upon request, be provided with certifications detailing the learning objectives and results of said training.

If your needs go beyond a single learning project or if you would like to develop a learning culture inside your company, it is possible to entrust us with the management of your Learning and Development activities that would otherwise be the responsibility of a Head of Learning and Development or Chief Learning Officer.