Lead Agile

2 days training in Lead agile!

Discover the most immersive leadership course in Switzerland

Experience in a real business scenario what it means to lead employees in an agile way and to react to unexpected situations at lightning speed.

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You will be thrown into the cold water of everyday business life and experience the sheer madness based on real-life situations. Together with your colleagues you will develop solutions and at the same time receive expert advice from the trainers.


No leadership training is as close to reality as this 2-day course. As an employee of a fictitious company, you will experience unexpected but realistic problems and find solutions for them in a short time.


This format is unique. No book, no classroom, no cramming. You learn based on real-life situations, get immediate feedback, and make lasting connections through the immersive experience.
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Course Details

DATE: 09/12 – 09/13/2022

DURATION: 12.09 at 08:30 to 17:00, 13.09 08:30 to 17:00

COURSE LOCATION: Kartause Ittingen, overnight stay on site

COSTS: CHF 1800.- (incl. VAT & snacks)

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Please contact: Alexander Benedix

Tel: 076 308 94 61

Email: benedix@fitforleadership.ch

LEAD AGILE enables learning in a realistic setting: In the training company "All4Sports AG", the participants experience the normal everyday madness in real teams: scarce resources, conflicting goals, unplanned disruptions.
After a brief introduction to the setting, the action begins: real tasks have to be solved, and the participants lead real teams. The challenges to be overcome are recognized by the participants from their everyday life: So it's like "real life only in fast motion".
All4Sports AG starts with a classic hierarchical management system, which is transformed into self-organization during the two days. The difference to everyday life is that the managers can reflect calmly on what happens to them and their role during this change. This gives them the unique learning opportunity to practice the new challenges in a playful way and to try themselves out in the process.

Program of your course

Day 1 - Hierarchy

On day one, we are operating in a stable & transparent market.

Our company is successful & benefits from past performance and brand.

The company has clear structures & roles. Employees are largely managed hierarchically.

Focus: Clarity, optimization, excellence in a transactional leadership (exploitation).

Day 2 - Self Organization

On the second day, we enter a dynamic market with a lot of movement and an unstable environment. New players with agile approaches are entering the market.

These dynamics make our company skid and have to recalibrate, because old tried and tested things don't work anymore. To cope with the situation, we need to reorganize and move to self-organization.

Focus: Creativity, flexibility & speed in a transformational leadership (exploration).

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