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Over the last past three years, the integration of digital learning solutions has become more important, especially due to the pandemic. We can often notice that the IT department has taken this task over. However, experience shows that it isn’t enough in order to provide a learning experience platform or digital learning content. Rather, the prerequisite for the acceptance of such learning systems is a fundamentally changed learning culture and a learning concept that is characterized by personal responsibility and self-organized action. The previous “instructional didactics” must be replaced by enabling or singularity didactics.

It is absurd to believe, especially in this era of digital transformation that one can control the individual learning processes of the employees of an organization and thus focus on the strategic goals. Rather, the learning processes within the company are coordinated and synchronized by rules, norms and values they have internalized. Therefore, learning is not a linear process. They developed enabling didactics from these findings.

The aim of enabling didactics is to give employees everything they need to be able to design their personalized development processes in a problem-oriented and self-organized manner. The enabling didactics is the pragmatic answer to the economic and educational policy propagated demand for “lifelong learning” and thus also for agile development concepts. This much-vaunted vision builds on people becoming motivated and empowered to learn for themselves throughout their lives. The learning situation should therefore not be designed by the content, but by the focus of the learner as a learning space, which is primarily characterized by the following features:

  • Personal responsibility and self-organization: Personalized learning is made possible
  • Emotionality: The learner’s motives and feelings flow into the learning processes
  • Biographical orientation: previous work and learning experiences are considered.
  • Context dependency: Learning is embedded in the work environment with its individual, social and cultural aspects
  • Process orientation: learning takes place continuously (lifelong learning)
  • Learning support: The learning processes are professionally accompanied and supported

If one examines the concept of self-organization, which is inevitably associated with enabling didactics, it becomes clear it is a methodically initiated initiation of self-organized learning and action processes. The emotions and motivations for the learning process are of central importance.

Late modernity is increasingly promoting individualism in the form of a society of singularities (cf. Reckwitz 5th ed. 2020). Accordingly, the educator Rolf Arnold predicts that enabling didactics will develop into singularity didactics (cf. Arnold 2017, p. 108 ff.) Singularity didactics is an extended form of enabling didactics with the goal of enabling personalized learning processes using the possibilities of digitized learning organization. This is to ensure that the diversity of the learners is effectively considered by the type of educational organization and the variety of possible learning paths. It is thus an enabling didactics which, to a certain extent, turns the didactic models of the past upside down.

In the future, it will be crucial that the learning arrangement adapts to the learner. This paradigm shift is reflected in the conception of the Learning Experience Platform, which is consistently designed from the perspective of the learners, but also in the changed roles of all those involved in the learning processes. A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is an AI-controlled learning and working environment that is consistently designed from the perspective of employees and enables personalized, self-organized learning experiences. It links a wide range of functions, uses content from different sources and can be used on all common end devices. With artificial intelligence, data analysis and the automatic selection (curating) of content, LXP makes it possible to compile adaptive, personalized learning offers and to enable the learning processes individually

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