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angular development

Unveiling the Magic Behind Connect: What’s New in Angular

Welcome to the enchanting world of web technology, where we’re about …

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end to end testing

How End-to-End (E2E) Testing Helps Ship Products with Fewer Bugs

IntroductionLaunching software without proper testing is risky. If your product has …

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Sasha Caterina

Collaboration between Swiss Connect Academy and Sasha Caterina

We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with Sasha Caterina, …

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Why video production is an essential part of e-learning

Today’s world is constantly being digitalised and this has had a …

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The benefits of audio production in e-learning

Improving the accessibility of learning content is a goal that many …

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Ausbildung Weiterbildung

Our Successful Partnership with Connecting Education and Opportunity in Switzerland

In the dynamic world of education and training in Switzerland, collaboration …

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alexandre pasche training leadership train

Alexandre Pasche talks about the “Conflict Management” module

Alexandre Pasche is progressing in his Leadership training and has agreed …

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sbb partnership

Free public transport for all our students: a commitment to accessibility, the economy and the environment

As of this year, we are delighted to announce our collaboration …

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time for growth and personnal training

Investing personal time for growth

In an ever-changing world, where technological advances and new professional challenges …

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Jan Wieszinsk

Swiss Connect Academy and Athletes Network partnership to empower athletes

Swiss Connect Academy and Athletes Network have formed a partnership that …

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alexandre pasche training leadership

Alexandre Pasche shares his experience of the Leadership course!

After completing several modules of our blended learning Leadership course, footballer …

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A QA processes flow guide

Quality Assurance or QA is a crucial step in the software-making …

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