Swiss Connect Academy is eduQua certified!

eduqua certification swiss connect academy

Swiss Connect Academy, and more specifically its training content, is now eduQua certified. Following the validation of 19 criteria concerning transparency, comparability and the quality of our content and didactic approach, we are proud to be among the training organisations that have obtained this prestigious Swiss label!

To obtain the eduQua label, the demanding criteria for continuing education in Switzerland must be validated, including an excellent learning concept, high-quality training facilities and clear and rigorously defined evaluation processes.

For our customers, this certification represents a guarantee of trust and quality that rewards the in-depth work carried out on the learning content. It guarantees a training process that is centred around the learners and their success.

The investments made by Swiss Connect Academy in both form (a high-performance LXP platform) and content (a didactic approach and carefully developed content) have been rewarded! This certification is not an end in itself, but it marks a new stage in the evolution of our Academy, which pushes us to go even further to satisfy the professionals who look for a training in Switzerland.

We are Swiss Connect Academy

We look forward to introducing you to our services!

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