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covid 19

The Swiss Connect Academy is aware of the extraordinary situation due to the spread of Coronavirus and complies with the requirements of the federal government. We consider it our responsibility to slow down the spread of the virus and to protect the members of the Swiss Connect Academy. Nevertheless, our goal is to enable students to graduate according to the original schedule.

Therefore, today – March 17, 2020 – we can say the following:

  • The e-learning modules will continue to work as before – there is no risk. Until further notice (provisionally until April 19, 2020), classroom instruction is cancelled.
  • We are currently looking into the possibility of replacing each day of cancelled classroom sessions with webinars. Instructors will inform their classes as soon as possible.
  • For federal exam dates, please check directly with the SVF (

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties about the training.

We thank you for your understanding in the face of this extraordinary situation and remain in good health.

Kind regards
Thierry Hostettler – CEO
Swiss Connect Academy, Clausiusstrasse 50, 8006 Zurich

We are Swiss Connect Academy

We look forward to introducing you to our services!

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