How UX design improves product usability

In early days of computing, computers were operated by trained professionals and the focus was set on developing better functionality. As the computer technology developed, it became a key to develop more intuitive systems that require less user training and produce more output at the same time. User experience (UX) design is the process of designing these experiences.

While UX design aims to increase user satisfaction throughout the journey, usability refers to how easily a user interacts with a product, a good UX is where you deliver on your exact promise in a simple and enjoyable way to keep users loyal to your product. The key elements of good UX include:-

1. Consistency in UI design

Consistency makes it easier for your users to navigate and use your product because they don’t have to learn new ropes to get around. This will help your users feel confident in their ability to manage what’s under their thumbs. Visual consistency also helps to prioritise content, make it navigable, or highlight important bits of it.

2. Make confirmation dialog message relevant

The purpose of a confirmation dialog is to describe the consequences of actions. Users need to read and understand these details, otherwise they may get an unexpected result especially when performing a destructive action. Instead of asking users “Are you sure you want to xxxx”, explain what will happen after the confirmation.

3. Use contextual error warnings / messages

Presenting contextual error warnings while a user is actively making an error can help them quickly correct it. For example, when users are typing into an input box, show the character limit and character counts while they are typing, don’t wait until after they have hit Submit to show an error message.

On the other hand, do not immediately show an error message as soon as users start typing an email address because there is no ‘@’ in the input.

4. Seamless experience across devices

Whether a user is accessing a website on a mobile or desktop, the transition between using them needs to be seamless, the design elements should mirror one another. Not only does a seamless experience make easier for people to use a product, but it also builds trust with the brand.


As your product reaches more users and you enter the competition, UX becomes a crucial part of the “better product” race. A good UX not only increase user satisfaction, but it also helps in cost reduction later by preventing possible usability issues or problems from the start.

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