Scenario-Based Learning: Between eLearning and interactive storytelling

The issue of learning is constantly evolving, due to the new tools that are being developed and the research that is being done. At Swiss Connect Academy, we seek to improve our content in order to offer the best way to learn. In our training courses, we wanted to create a way for learners to link the concepts and theories presented during the course with the reality of the workplace. This is why we looked at Scenario-based Learning.

Scenario-based learning is a mix between interactive storytelling and educational input in eLearning. Interactive storytelling allows you to set the scene, to give the learner a clear scenario and context. The aim is to create an immersive situation that is close to what learners might encounter in real life. The learner can generally choose the direction of the scenario via choices of responses or behaviours for the character. To this, learning components are added by giving feedback according to the choices made. In a Scenario-based learning, we can for example have Alexander, a team leader, who is in charge of carrying out a new project with his team. The learner has to help Alexander by making decisions to carry out the project efficiently according to what he has learned during the training.

Extract from a Scenario-based Learning:

By mixing these two elements, scenarios can be created that are close to real-life situations. This allows us to check whether the theory has been assimilated and whether the learner understands how to put it into practice in a real-life situation. At SCA we do not want people to learn theory by heart, but to use it appropriately in their future work.

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