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The difference between a Learning Experience Platform (hereafter LXP) and a Learning Management Software (LMS) is the focus, which in the case of the LXP is placed on the sustainable learning experience and on the learning process and no longer “only” on the management of the learning content. With the specially developed application, which is in use at Swiss Connect Academy, the user should be the focus. To achieve this, some typical features of an LXP are necessary. In the following, we will go into more detail about three of these features and establish the connection with the previously mentioned learning experience.

1. User Generated Content (UGC)

An LXP should provide users with the ability to share content they have created and comment on such content. This leads to more engagement and trust among users and towards the learning content. It promotes social learning and makes this learning content last by linking it to real-world experiences.

2. Personalization of the learning path

Modern LXP’s have databases which contain a learning profile of the user. This profile contains competencies, learning activities and learning results. With this data and learning models, further learning actions can be generated. Deep Learning components are used to train concrete examples.

Thus, learning paths can be created automatically – learning processes are controlled according to the learning speed and the learning level of the learners and can thus enable personalized, adaptive learning.

3. Gamification

Gamification uses elements of game design in a non-game environment. These include, for example, a system of points, levels, and badges awarded for diligent learning and good test scores.

Benefits include better learning outcomes. Studies1 show that LXP’s with gamification are more effective at teaching than software without such content.

Game elements increase motivation to learn and lead people to be willing to spend more time learning, which increases the overall effectiveness of learning.

Last but not least, people who participate in gamified learning programs as part of their job report more enjoyment and loyalty to their company.


Learning Experience platforms have revolutionized learning and are an integral part of today’s learning environment. Their advantages are obvious and we are excited to see what features these new technologies will enable to further improve the learning experience of our users.

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