Reskilling and upskilling in a new, holistic dimension.

We are delighted to announce that Valcom GmbH has evolved into SCA Deutschland GmbH.

The newly launched company is a result of the merger of Swiss Connect Academy Switzerland AG, leading provider of management measures in Switzerland and Valcom GmbH ®, a trend-setting designer whose principles are values and competence management.

A joint project in which our values and competences complete each other is the origin of our cooperation.

We also realize that apart from getting along on a personal level, we also share a common vision of future learning.

Consequently, we have made the decision to bumble our competences and expand them in a targeted manner.

We reconnect professionals to the joy of learning!

We are looking forward to this common journey and are already intensively working on our common values and goals.

What services does Swiss Connect Academy offer?

  • Al supported LXP- Learning experience platform with adaptive learning paths
  • Software for scientifically based skill management.
  • Proven values, culture and competence management concepts.
  • Targeted development of values and skills (team and employee level)
  • FIBAA accredited leadership and management courses from the Swiss Market leader.
  • Social Blended Learning development to become a certified skilled manager
  • Content in German and English


We are happy to introduce you our concepts and software solutions.

Let’s gather new learning experiences together.

Your SCA Germany team.

Roman Sauter

Prof Dr. Werner Sauter

We are Swiss Connect Academy

We look forward to introducing you to our services!

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