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A company’s philosophy of putting the needs of the customer above the needs of the company is known as customer orientation. Everyone knows the phrase “customer is king”. This philosophy aligns the goal of your company with that of your customers. Customer focus is likely a regular and well-studied topic. This article will help you understand customer centricity, customer centric marketing, customer centricity, and the various principles of the customer centric approach. Overall, it is a job that will help you improve your business skills and make great profits.

What is meant by customer orientation (customer experience)?

Customer focus is a process of customer relations and sales in the company, in which the organization focuses on the long-term needs and wants of the customers. It’s a business proposal that puts the customer first and helps them achieve their goals. In short, the wishes and needs of the customer take precedence over those of the company. Customer orientation primarily serves to gain customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer feedback.

What is customer-centric marketing?

The basic concept of marketing nowadays is to carry out marketing activities based on the customer and their customer wishes, predominantly digitally, such as with newsletters, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). When executing the marketing strategy, your priority 1 must be to focus on the customer. This is known as the customer-centric approach.

Based on information from past analysis and ongoing marketing experience, marketers make some assumptions. Since customers know their own needs, we need to identify their needs in order to offer them a solution. The second assumption relates to the point that before you can be successful you have to know the customer-centric focus and develop a strategy based on it. Current customers who are satisfied become loyal customers, and those loyal customers will buy again. You have to try different offers to determine customer interest.

Principles of customer-oriented marketing

To implement customer-centric marketing programs, you need to understand the following principles:

Initial process management marketing is done to get information about the customer and to recognize, anticipate and satisfy them in order to have a profitable business. Basic policy making, which focuses on product selection and development, is best for the promotion and distribution appropriate to achieve optimal results. Focus and concentration of the use of capital resources and efforts for a specific purpose. Marketing begins with knowing the needs and wishes of customers – the primary goal is to create trust. After recognizing customer needs, you can create added value for customers and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

The principle of functional marketing is a positive business activity in the market that is aimed and developed towards the satisfaction of interest groups.

5 levels of customer relationship building

When building a customer relationship, there are five levels or categories that distinguish one company (all industries) from others. These are:

Basic marketing

This means that the seller is only selling products. They just focus on selling and don’t take into account the customer’s needs.

Reactive Marketing

The seller sells the product and convinces the customer to get in touch. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints. So there is only one interaction when a customer complains or asks something.

Responsible Marketing

The seller visits the customer to find out whether the product meets their expectations or not. Sellers also ask customers for suggestions on how to improve the product.

Proactive Marketing

The salespeople interact with customers from time to time, e.g. For example, the salespeople send information or visit the customers with suggestions about the advantages of the developed products.

Partner marketing

The company works continuously to improve the performance for its customers and to involve the customers in the improvement.

Differences between customer-oriented and market-oriented Definitions

Marketing is the conduct of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. It deals with buying and selling, transferring ownership, creating utilities.

It represents the creation and provision of a standard of living. Marketing is also the relationship management process that aligns products and markets and transfers ownership.

Customer-oriented marketing has the strongest management function and its primary goal is to increase the standard of living. It helps to generate profit in the long term.

Customer-centric marketing puts the consumer first, emphasizes innovative activities and emphasizes customer service.

Customer-centric approach


The staff has to empathize with the customers

Recognize and react to customer data
The data obtained about customers’ needs and wants must be taken over and certain steps must be taken to help them achieve their business goals.


It is easier for consumer-oriented companies to quickly adapt to customer needs.

Efficient conversation and synergy effects

Communication with customers must be efficient and successful. A good salesperson asks customers about their preferences and listens to customer complaints.

Efficient listening

The distribution companies have to actively respond to customers in order to find out about their needs and wants. This suggests that the team is customer focused.

The problem solving skills

The support team has good problem-solving skills and helps customers with their problems. This will improve the business-customer relationships.

customer focus

The support teams must mainly focus on customer needs and customer benefits.

Why is customer orientation so important for companies?

A company’s ability to understand the needs and wants of its customers is closely related to its progress. Customer focus is a business. The consumers or customers are very important to the success of the entire company. Customer focus ensures that the customer service team or employees of the company are skilled, well-educated and loyal customers. It helps the entire company retain useful and loyal customers.

Furthermore, customer relationships are an important success factor for companies that strive for a respectful partnership and a competitive advantage. Recognizing the needs of customers is one of the great challenges of business strategy. Everything is getting faster and faster, including communication. It is therefore of the utmost importance and helps with customer loyalty and business processes that one does not set up a proverbial firewall that creates barriers and hurdles in communication. There are many challenges.

How important is customer orientation?

Our economy is a consumer driven economy. The relevant issues are happening faster than ever before. Social media ensures a frenzy of facts and instant feedback. So we think about why customer contact, customer orientation and customer relationship management are so important: You have the opportunity to define for yourself what the consumer and the customer should experience.

How can you become a customer-centric company?

Proper recruitment

An experienced and strong recruiting is very important to a company’s customer care team. Since skills can be acquired, the primary focus in recruiting should be friendliness and attitude. The success of a customer service team depends on the attitude of its people.

Appreciation of the workforce

The role of the customer care or sales team can be underestimated. It is necessary that the company treat its employees well. Focusing on customers can be more comfortable for employees when they are happy and lucky with their job.

Excellent coaching and transfer of know-how

The customer-facing teams must be well trained in the customer-facing approach to troubleshooting, and product knowledge must be the focus of training in terms of customer care. This will improve customer focus and help increase the efficiency of the entire organization.

Give examples of customer orientation

The approach of customer orientation must be completely adopted by the entire administration and management. The customer service teams of customer-centric companies cannot efficiently implement this sales-centric approach if administration and management do not believe in it. In essence, the work culture must follow these established values and professional services.

Performance of the representative

The reward or disappointment of employees has a direct impact on their dealings with customers.

Fulfillment of promises

The customer-centric approach must also be accepted and implemented by the managers of an organization. The organization that values knowledge of serving leadership is successful in the customer-centric culture.

Great customer service or concessions to the customer

It is very important for account managers to understand their customers. That means empathizing with the customer’s plight. Proper listening and understanding of customer needs is essential to thriving businesses. That is of the utmost importance.

Assisting or empowering staff

The cross-functional teams of many organizations from different departments need to be given the freedom to resolve most customer complaints and generate more revenue for the company. In addition, employees must be encouraged to contribute their suggestions and ideas for changes that could benefit customers and the company as a whole.

Examples of customer orientation

AllesNew Gallery


At Marriot, all employees are referred to as “Associates”. This popular discipline is characteristic of the respect that the chain shows its employees.


Since the day Jeff Bezos set up amazon, he has been absolutely customer-oriented. Bezos initiated the so-called Andean system. The Andon Cord “Andon Cord” system is a practice empowering employees to stop the line in an industry. “Pulling the Andon Cord” means stopping the manufacturing process in order to avoid possible detrimental effects on the company’s value. At Amazon, customer service reps can take products off the website on their own if they receive repeated complaints, and they often do not require approval from a manager.

Ritz Carlton

At Ritz Carlton, employees are referred to as “Ladies and Gentlemen”. The motto is: “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”. This motto illustrates the forward-looking, sales-oriented approach and the service of all employees.

Ritz Carlton employees behave towards the customer according to the following guidelines:

1. First, customers are greeted passionately with a friendly and personal greeting.

2. The customer is addressed by name, the primary goal is empathy and satisfaction of the needs of each guest.

3. At the end of his hotel stay, the customer is said goodbye again by giving his name.

Challenges that support teams face in building a customer-centric core program

How can you involve customers in making decisions about the development of your product?

How do you build long-term relationships with customers that relate to different groups?

How can I completely tailor my marketing and sales content to the customer?

In developing appropriate measures, it is necessary to leverage the best customer experience information from various sources through the use of enterprise social networking solutions. You not only improve the internal communication process, but also the dialogue with your customers and partners from other departments. You can actively involve the customer in your communication and use targeted analyzes to evaluate the communication data in order to optimize the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Cross-departmental data from marketing, sales and service as well as data from different systems play a decisive role.

Advantages of the customer-centric approach

  • The targeted improvement of your products is based on the feedback from selected customers.
  • Increased interaction with your customers proves customer focus and customer orientation.
  • This results in a closer partnership
  • Faster and more efficient communication
  • Greater customer interest for your sales and support team.

The main advantage of Use of a common platform with the help of customer relationship management (CMS / CRM) Communicating with your customers consists of balancing the technology, simplifying the exchange of information and human interaction with everyone on easily accessible platforms, removing the height of the barriers and making your company much more sales and customer-centric. There is a digital customer focus.

Customer centricity takes place away from buildings, and customer centric thinking focuses on processes and procedures. What are the decisions that you make every day as an employee that will affect the customer? It’s a filter that everyone behind the business must have so that these processes, resources, and procedures can be tailored to the customer.

Customer centricity really begins with intentionality visible to the entire corporate culture in all processes. One should wake up every day thinking about the customer side and each customer, worrying about the customer, and be aware that all decisions you make during the day are centered on the customer’s experience. So when you think about customer centricity and how it comes about

How do you achieve customer centricity?

There are actually three important tips of things that every employee should keep in mind:

  1. You should be able to see the opportunities by taking the customer perspective and understanding customer expectations. You need to focus on the things that are happening in your function, in your role, or in the entire organization.
  2. The second thing you should be doing is taking responsibility down to the customer level. You should take responsibility for it, transfer it to all areas of the company and understand that it is your responsibility to implement behavior on each and every one of these possibilities.
  3. The third point is that you can take action yourself. Whether you do it yourself or as the leader of a group that takes care of it, you need to be able to do something for the opportunities because you know they are yours so that the customer experience can be deliberately designed.

The bottom line

A company must always make sure that it is engaging with the customer, taking customer feedback, and figuring out what they need to meet their needs – that’s it. So you will stay in business forever and make very good profits. For companies, customer orientation means companies that pursue a customer-oriented approach that they are able to meet customer expectations and to win and keep loyal customers.

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