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decision making

Navigating the waves of decision-making: Between risks and opportunities

Decision-making is a constant issue in our lives, whether personal or …

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Why video production is an essential part of e-learning

Today’s world is constantly being digitalised and this has had a …

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The benefits of audio production in e-learning

Improving the accessibility of learning content is a goal that many …

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Ausbildung Weiterbildung

Our Successful Partnership with Connecting Education and Opportunity in Switzerland

In the dynamic world of education and training in Switzerland, collaboration …

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Learning transfer as a form of return on investment – what matters?

Swiss Connect Academy specialises in Leadership and Management courses in Blended …

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alexandre pasche training leadership train

Alexandre Pasche talks about the “Conflict Management” module

Alexandre Pasche is progressing in his Leadership training and has agreed …

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Audio files in use at Swiss Connect Academy

Interviews, e-lessons and podcasts. Our Audio Production Department at Swiss Connect …

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time for growth and personnal training

Investing personal time for growth

In an ever-changing world, where technological advances and new professional challenges …

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Careful use of Gamification in SCA Courses

At Swiss Connect Academy we provide a Leadership and Management Training …

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Scenario-Based Learning: Between eLearning and interactive storytelling

The issue of learning is constantly evolving, due to the new …

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The virtuous circle of quality management, the example of EDUQUA

Anyone working in the world of education has probably heard of …

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Resolution of difficulties that may be encountered by adults in training

What methods do we offer our clients? At Swiss Connect Academy, …

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