Why video production is an essential part of e-learning

Today’s world is constantly being digitalised and this has had a profound effect on the way we learn. E-learning has become an increasingly popular form of education for learning platforms, as it provides a practical, efficient, and cost-effective way to acquire knowledge from anywhere in the world. Instructional videos are an essential part of e-learning, as they facilitate a deeper comprehension of the course content.
 The use of training videos for e-learning is an excellent way of ensuring that students are kept fully engaged and motivated. It also leads to a strong visual representation of the subject matter, which automatically produces a more immersive learning experience. These videos can be tailored to different learning styles and may be used as a way to strengthen the curriculum with both audio and visual support through the learning platform.
 At Swiss Connect Academy, we use training videos for e-learning to facilitate a deeper comprehension of the course content, to enhance a more interactive learning experience, and to help digitalise the learning content. For instance, we work on the implementation of interactive activities which can be provided to assess the student’s understanding of the subject in question. This may benefit both the student and the trainer, as it offers a more individualised learning experience.
 In addition, when video is used for training, there is a direct entry into the digitalisation of the learning content. We then make sure our content is easily stored and retrieved, as we understand the importance of having a digitalised version of our learning content. What it does is the material is saved in a digital format, which students can access rapidly. This offers a more efficient and flexible learning experience, as students are able to work through the content at their own pace and can go back and review it when necessary.
 In conclusion, training videos are a key element of e-learning. They offer a more engaging, interactive, and practical way of learning, and allow the digitisation of learning content. At Swiss Connect Academy, we strive to make e-learning efficient, cost-effective, and to provide a highly individualised learning experience. The use of training videos can help to make e-learning a lot more fun and productive for students.

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