Swiss Connect Academy and Athletes Network partnership to empower athletes

Jan Wieszinsk

Swiss Connect Academy and Athletes Network have formed a partnership that brings together their expertise in the training and development field to empower athletes. This collaboration brings a lot to both partners and gives rise to unique opportunities for professional athletes.

For SCA, the partnership with Athletes Network expands their reach and impact, allowing them to extend their training programs and courses to a wider audience of athletes. The alliance also enhances their offerings, enabling the development of more comprehensive and tailored programs that address the specific needs and aspirations of athletes. Additionally, the collaboration fosters a culture of shared expertise and continuous learning, keeping SCA at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

For AN, the partnership with SCA provides access to our extensive resources in the training and development field, augmenting their existing services and offering athletes a comprehensive support system throughout their sporting journey. The collaboration strengthens their athlete placement opportunities by leveraging SCA’s network of sports organizations and clubs, facilitating successful transitions and career progressions for the athletes they represent.

An example : The Hiring of Jan Wieszinski

As a testament to the power of this partnership, we have recently hired Jan Wieszinski, a highly skilled hockey player, as a member of our team. Jan’s journey and achievements exemplify the opportunities that arise from synergistic partnerships. His firsthand experience as an athlete will greatly contribute to our understanding of athlete needs and the development of training programs at SCA.

The partnership between Swiss Connect Academy and Athletes Network is a game-changer in athlete empowerment. By combining their strengths, expertise, and resources, they provide athletes with enhanced support, expanded opportunities, and a comprehensive approach to their development. This collaboration signifies a commitment to maximizing athlete potential and ensuring their success both on and off the field.

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