Free public transport for all our students: a commitment to accessibility, the economy and the environment

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As of this year, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with SBB to offer free day passes to all our students. This initiative aims to facilitate access to training by eliminating the financial barriers associated with transport. Thanks to this partnership with SBB, our students will be able to travel free of charge using public transport to get to their in-class days.

The nominative card offered for each day of the course is the equivalent of a general day pass. Its validity is shown on the SBB website (depending on the reliability of the information on the SBB website)
This collaboration has many advantages for our course participants.
One of the first obvious benefits is economic. By taking advantage of the free day passes, participants will no longer have to bear the cost of travel to the face-to-face days included in our curriculum. This translates into significant savings not only in terms of petrol and parking costs, but also by eliminating the need to buy train, bus or tram tickets. Students can then invest these savings in other aspects of their education or daily life.

Travelling by train to another city or another part of the city also offers a considerable time-saving advantage. By avoiding traffic jams and the tedious search for a parking space, students can use public transport efficiently and conveniently. Time spent on a train, bus or tram can be used in a variety of ways, depending on students’ individual preferences. They can take advantage of this opportunity to progress their work on our learning platform, revise content for the face-to-face day or even devote themselves to personal activities such as reading or listening to educational podcasts.

As well as the economic and practical benefits, this initiative also has a positive impact on the environment. By encouraging our students to use public transport such as the train, bus or tram, we are offering them the opportunity to have a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions and preserving our environment, without having to bear additional costs. By limiting the use of private cars, we are helping to reduce congestion and traffic jams, creating more sustainable and liveable cities for everyone.

In conclusion, we are extremely proud to have been able to set up this collaboration with SBB. This initiative, which demonstrates our commitment to accessibility, the economy and the environment, offers many advantages to our students. The day pass offered allows them to travel easily on most public transport in Switzerland, without having to worry about transport costs. We can’t wait to see how these cards are used! Share your journeys with us on social networks using #SwissConnectAcademyOnTheGo

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