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time for growth and personnal training

In an ever-changing world, where technological advances and new professional challenges are multiplying, it is essential for employees to remain constantly up to date. At our company, we’re proud to say that our employees, who are experts in training, not only recognize the importance of continuing education but also devote time and effort to it alongside their work. In this article, we will explore the power of continuing education and how it contributes to our employees’ professional and personal development through 3 examples.

3 examples from Swiss Connect Academy

It has become commonplace for our employees to take training courses in a variety of fields outside working hours. Whether it’s to acquire new skills or to broaden their knowledge in a specific area, our employees are constantly on the lookout for learning opportunities.

Sébastien decided to take the Winning the Toddler Stage course offered by Big Little Feelings. This fully online course teaches how to manage the emotions of a toddler and it is something a person can go back to at any time, at any trouble. Despite there is no direct link between the course and his job at SCA, many tools are definitely and easily transposable to his function, such as the BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Do Nothing) decision-making model, or strategies for fostering cooperation.

As for Christina, she undertook training to learn a new language, Italian. This blended-learning course, made up of face-to-face and distance learning sequences, is an initiative motivated by private reasons such as the desire to enhance her general knowledge, to facilitate communication with other people or simply to learn an additional language, but it will also enable her to use this national language in her day-to-day work.

Pascal, for his part, got on a kiteboard for his continuing education. In fact, this training enabled him to go from 0 to Upwind kite surfing in a short space of time, which taught him patience and gave him the desire to improve at every opportunity. He’s proud to be able to apply these qualities to his work.

To sum up, continuing training offers personal benefits. Our employees find pleasure and satisfaction in learning new things. They enjoy the intellectual challenge and mental stimulation it provides. Training makes them feel more confident in their ability to tackle new projects and more complex professional challenges.

The fact that our employees are interested in ongoing training has a positive impact on the whole company. It creates a culture of continuous learning and improvement within our organization. We’re delighted to see that our training experts, who work every day to improve the learning experience of others, find time in their private lives to train in disciplines that interest them.

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