Our Successful Partnership with Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch: Connecting Education and Opportunity in Switzerland

Ausbildung Weiterbildung

In the dynamic world of education and training in Switzerland, collaboration is the key to reaching new heights. With this in mind, Swiss Connect Academy is proud to announce its partnership with Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch. Our presence on this platform opens doors to quality education in the fields of Leadership, Management, Finance and Accounting in many Swiss cities.

A Platform for Internal Training

Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch, with its broad reach, has become a must for employees of major Swiss companies. This concept is unique in that it allows employees of these companies to choose exclusively from the training courses available on the platform.
For Swiss Connect Academy, this represents an exciting opportunity. We are proud to be present on Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch as a leading training provider. Our commitment to Leadership, Management, Finance and Accounting fits perfectly with the platform’s mission to provide quality learning opportunities to a targeted audience.

Broadening access to education in Switzerland

For us, this partnership goes far beyond the commercial aspects. We believe in the importance of education and training for personal and professional development. Our presence on Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch demonstrates our commitment to opening up access to our quality education programmes to a growing number of students in Switzerland.
Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to reach a wider audience and enable employees to benefit from our high-level training. This means that more Swiss professionals have the opportunity to acquire new skills and progress in their careers, which is an extremely gratifying result for us.

Raising the profile of our courses

On the other hand, our partnership with Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch considerably enhances the visibility of our educational programmes in Switzerland, particularly in the German-speaking part of the country. The platform plays a key role in connecting us with well-known companies and individuals keen to develop their skills. This connection benefits both our institution and our partner companies.
By working hand in hand with Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch, we are able to provide quality training solutions to companies looking to improve the skills of their staff. This creates a perfect symbiosis where supply meets demand, strengthening the education ecosystem in Switzerland.
In conclusion, our partnership with Ausbildung-Weiterbildung.ch is an important step for Swiss Connect Academy. It represents our commitment to opening up access to quality education in Switzerland and to raising the profile of our educational programmes. By joining forces, we are creating a positive impact on education and training in Switzerland, while providing rewarding opportunities for professionals seeking personal and professional development. We look forward to continuing to write this exciting story of educational success in Switzerland.

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