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Interviews, e-lessons and podcasts. Our Audio Production Department at Swiss Connect Academy uses all these formats to maximise the learning success of the participants of our School for Leadership and Management Switzerland. The commonality of all these formats: The audio tracks are carefully prepared each time so that the learning process of the participants can be accompanied in the best possible way by good audio quality. Find out how these formats are used and what advantages they bring to a Learning Experience Platform in this article!

One of the goals of our training is to always provide our participants with the latest trends, techniques and know-how. To do this, we have started to record interviews with experts in the field of leadership. In collaboration with our video production department, we interview these experts with carefully prepared questions and make the answers available to our participants so that they can benefit from and be inspired by the knowledge of these leaders. In this way, participants in our leadership or management training courses are not only provided with theory and models, but also learn from experts how they can apply them in a functioning company. In this way, the learners get an insight into how the transfer of learning content into practice could look like.

Moving images, illustrations as visual support accompanied by spoken explanations. This is how we build our e-lessons for the Swiss Connect Academy courses! This approach is particularly useful when we want to convey complex theoretical concepts to participants. Through e-lessons, for example, models can be broken down and explained through visual and auditory supplements. This format is very purposeful and beneficial because the structure of these e-lessons can stimulate different types of learners. The sentence components and illustrations appeal to the visual learning types, which respond particularly well to this type of knowledge transfer. On the other hand, these illustrations and sentence fragments are accompanied by audio, which explains and complements the illustrations. In this way, the auditory learning types are also addressed. The e-lesson therefore comes into its own when the subject matter it conveys would be too complex to cover in a podcast, completely without visual aids. And this is precisely the great advantage of the digitalisation of learning content: Diverse and attractive multi-level learning!

Overview to introduce a module? Oral supplements to a theory learned? Repetition of a topic at the end of a module? These functions can be covered by Swiss Connect Academy’s training podcasts. The expertise of our Learning and Development Team allows us to prepare concise podcasts, which are competently delivered by our voice actors. After a long, demanding learning unit, these podcasts offer learners the chance to sit back and review the information covered up to that point. In this way, the learning content is processed and permanently stored by the learners.
It is important to us that our learning content is appealing and diverse in order to cover as many areas and learning types as possible. In this way, we ensure that participants can make different connections to the topic and that each person can work with our learning content in their own way. Of course, we always stay “up-to-date” and constantly adapt to new insights and developments in the world of learning. In this way, we make the learning process accessible and educational for everyone. But more importantly, we make learning varied, entertaining and FUN!

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