Alexandre Pasche talks about the “Conflict Management” module

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Alexandre Pasche is progressing in his Leadership training and has agreed to share his impressions of the ‘Conflict Management’ module, which he has just completed. Below are the questions we asked him and his answers, which cover both the content of the module and his general observations on the course.

  • Did the content of the module meet your expectations on this subject?

Yes, I think I’m better equipped to resolve conflicts. I’ll be able to stand back and take a broader view of the different situations I’ll be faced with, so that I can say the right things and make the best decisions.

  • Did you particularly like any of the content/type of content in this module?

I particularly liked the advice on finding solutions to conflicts. How do you get two or more employees to come to an agreement and continue working in a healthy and comfortable climate? The module answers this question by giving us some very interesting keys and models to think about.

  • How would you describe the atmosphere in your class?

The atmosphere is very studious and the colleagues are all motivated by the prospects of a team management role within their company. The participants are attentive and highly participative, and there’s a lot of discussion, which makes for a very good working atmosphere.

  • Does your personal experience help you to better understand the topics covered in this module?

Yes, it does. And it’s interesting to compare the conflict management of my years as a professional footballer with that of the business world. There are obviously a lot of similarities. Football today is very much about individualism and personal success. It’s a difficult balancing act to get people and their egos to work together on a common project. But when it is found, the working atmosphere and positive results are generally quickly felt. That’s the challenge for managers in all professions when it comes to managing conflict: to be methodical, clear, transparent, demanding and impartial, without offending the different sensitivities of each member of staff. 

So it’s with great motivation and enthusiasm that Alexandre is continuing his blended learning Leadership course. We wish him every success for the rest of his training.

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