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Crises, disruptions and demographic changes – the challenges for modern management and leadership are constantly increasing. A look at past years clearly shows that the state of emergency was the rule in many places. Given this record, the need for continued management and leadership development should not be in doubt. With extensive changes and improvements, we have now optimised our offer for the further training of executives. Our new offerings in the areas of leadership and management take into account all the requirements of the training concept of the Swiss Association for Leadership Training (SVF), while at the same time raising the level of training. The certificate modules in the area of management were also modernized.


In the future, we will pave the way for our students to become responsible, far-sighted, inspiring and efficient managers with three instead of five focus modules. As of now, our management course consists of the following modules:

  • General Management (12 weeks)
  • Personal Management (10 weeks)
  • Change Management (10 weeks)

We offer the individual modules as closed courses, which you can complete with separate certificate examinations. Effective and timely delivery of content shortens the amount of time it takes you to reach your training goal. In addition, the pressure of examinations is reduced, because instead of the usual five examinations, you now only have to take three. All in all, our measures ensure that you can study more efficiently and faster.

With regard to the content, we focus on imparting far-reaching competences for action. The training content is characterized by a high degree of practical relevance. The area of exam preparation has also been revised. Here you will find many helpful and supportive materials that will prepare you for a successful graduation in terms of content and didactics.


On completion of the “Management” and “Leadership” courses, you can apply for admission to the SVF Management Specialist examination. The modules required for this purpose consist in detail of:

  • Certificate Management
    3 modules, 2 semesters (start in March/September)
  • Certificate Leadership
    6 modules, 2 semesters (start in April/October)

By restructuring the Management module, we succeed in teaching you fundamental concepts of business management and basic principles of economics in such a way that you can formulate economic, social and ecological goals. You learn to derive comprehensive action data from figures and financial data. In addition, we teach you modern HR management, the mechanisms of modern personnel development and how to plan, lead and evaluate change projects. While the management module deals with so-called “hard skills”, the leadership module teaches “soft skills” such as communication , presentation , team leadership , self-knowledge or self -management and conflict management . In the Leadership module, social, professional and methodological skills are trained that are of great practical use for successfully leading groups or teams.

Basically, the following applies: With the achievement of the certificates “Management” and “Leadership”, graduates have the necessary knowledge to successfully exercise management functions. If you are in possession of both certificates, you meet the requirements for admission to the federal professional examination for management specialists.


Our further training courses are aimed at people who already have management responsibility and at people who would like to develop their skills or aspire to management tasks. Even if you already lead a team or a group – or intend to do so – our qualification measures are suitable for you. The same applies if you would like to continue your education in business administration – for example, following a commercial or comparable apprenticeship.

From experience we can say that students from very different economic sectors and industries find their way to us. All those interested in our offers are united by their interest in the development of leadership skills. The tasks that leadership professionals take on vary widely. The spectrum ranges from team management to the management of departments, specialist groups and companies. In doing so, they assume functions in personnel, technical and economic terms. Experienced management experts are familiar with the mechanisms of efficient management listed in the introduction and contribute to the sustainable success of the company.


The good news is that the federal government supports courses that prepare students for a federal examination. 50 percent of the eligible course fees are covered up to a maximum amount of CHF 9,500. The subsidies are paid out after the federal examination – regardless of whether you pass or fail the examination. In justified exceptional cases, it is also possible to pay out partial amounts before an examination has been passed.


Courses to begin the Certificate in Management start each March and September.

Courses to begin the Certificate in Leadership start each April and October.

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